The Goldbergs' Star Shows What Making TV During COVID Is Really Like

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, certain industries are going back to work as best they can, including the entertainment business. While most movie theaters in the United States remain closed, productions are slowly resuming. So too are TV shows, with some series returning this fall. However, the process of filming a show has vastly changed.

That’s more than obvious in a new series of Tik Tok videos released by The Goldbergs star Hayley Orrantia, who plays eldest Goldberg child Erica. In her first days back on the show’s set, Orrantia has shown off a lot of the process of preparing to film now.

The changes include a very rigorous preparation process in her dressing room–including her costumes arriving separately packaged and her street clothes going into a bin to avoid contamination. She also does some of her hair and makeup prep alone, before going to a separate location where hair and makeup people–wearing masks, gowns, and gloves–can work on one actor at a time.

Naturally, masks are also required for the cast members, except when they are filming. What’s more, Orrantia showed a rest area for the cast, in which chairs are partitioned off with plexiglass walls. As for transportation to set, two cast members can travel in a single van, meaning most of the cast won’t be together in those moments.

One aspect of the process Orrantia doesn’t discuss–and one which has not been publicly announced–is the COVID-19 testing process. There’s no readily accessible information about who gets tested, how often they’re tested, and if there is any quarantining going on during filming.

You can check out all of Orrantia’s videos about the process below.

We’re back for Season 8! Here’s a look into the ##BTS of how we’re filming ##TheGoldbergs during this time! Comment what else you want to see! ✨

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How we safely travel to and from set of ##TheGoldbergs during Covid feat. @itssamlerner ! ##covidsafety

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