'The Flash': 3 Ways the Show Can Write Around Hartley Sawyer’s Exit

After racist and misogynistic tweets from Hartley Sawyer surfaced, The Flash promptly fired the actor, who played Ralph Dibney, from the show. That could make things a bit tricky for season 7 but also has the potential to turn into an interesting story development.

Previously on ‘The Flash’

In the season 6 finale of The Flash, Ralph and new loveinterest, Sue Dearbon, fought alongside Team Flash allies against EvaMcCulloch, aka Mirror Master, and her underlings. It seemed that they might beheaded for Happily Ever After until they discovered that Eva had framed Sue forher husband, Joseph’s murder.

Fans were left wondering how Ralph would help Sue out of that jamin season 7. Now they are pondering how that twist will be resolved withoutSawyer around to wrap things up. Since Ralph was entangled in that juicy subplotwith Sue, it may be difficult to explain the character’s sudden absence.

The Flash show boss, Eric Wallace, has yet to reveal how the story will go down now that Sawyer is out, which leaves room for plenty of speculation until the show returns. With that in mind, here are three ways that The Flash could handle Sawyer’s exit.

Ralph and Sue could go on the run

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Eva’s frame job could be the perfect plot device to remove Ralph and Sue from the storyline. Since Sue is in hot water with authorities, who believe she killed Joseph Carver, it would be plausible for her to go underground until she can prove her innocence. When it comes to Ralph, the affable gumshoe has developed feelings for Ms. Dearbon, and could — very believably — run away with her without a second thought.

The idea of Ralph and Sue going on the lam could be executedwithout the participation of either actor. The lovebirds could simply leave anote for Team Flash, never to be seen on screen again.

Ralph could get a new face

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Ralph has a proven ability to alter his appearance — even down tothe race. It was pure comedy gold when he previously used his metahumanabilities to masquerade as Joe West.

Ralph’s power to bend, stretch, and transform could be just thetool The Flash writers use to keep the character on the canvas with adifferent actor in the role. The possibilities for recasting Ralph, if the showrunnerchooses to do so, are boundless.

‘The Flash’ could kill off Ralph

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Eva — or anotherfoe — would harm a member of Team Flash. Although Ralph’s final moments wouldprobably be left to the imagination, the news of his passing could be writteninto the narrative with a sweet memorial by Barry and the rest of his cohorts. Althoughthe death of a character is always sad, it is a surefire way to handle suddencasting shakeups.

Fans will have to sit tight until season 7 to see how thewriters will craft Sawyer’s exit. Until then, previous episodes of The Flashare available on Netflix.

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