The Expanses Steven Strait opens up on challenging season 6 shoot Was really hard

The Expanse: Trailer for final season of sci-fi epic

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The Expanse has finally premiered its final season on Amazon Prime Video. The main cast has all come back together for it, but in a different way than before. The production faced numerous challenges while filming the last season and Jim Holden star Steven Strait shared some of those difficulties during an interview with

Much like with season five of the series, season six of The Expanse had to contend with coronavirus restrictions and regulations on set.

It meant that the cast and crew couldn’t mingle in the same way they had in previous seasons.

It made crafting the final chapter exceedingly difficult, as the development was already an emotional process of the team.

Both the cast and crew had navigated challenges before though, as the show weaved its way through initial cancellation from the SyFy Channel to become more popular than ever.

All six seasons have been led by an ensemble cast, with Amos Burton (played by Wes Chatham), Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper), and Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) all returning for the final chapter.

However, Jim Holden (Steven Strait) leads the team again and as Captain of the Rocinante and her crew, Jim bears the brunt of the final season’s impact.

Speaking to, Strait opened up about the difficult shooting process.

“It was really hard,” Strait explained, adding: “When we were all on set together it was a relief.

“It was the only human connection that we had over those months; it was really difficult.

“It’s been difficult for everybody, that’s obvious, but I’m grateful that we were able to at least finish after all these years, it would have been a shame not to.”

One of the main difficulties was the crew being apart from one another, as the team has always had a close relationship on and off set.

Strait continued: “We’ve always said that the show has felt more like a theatre company than a television show.

“We’ve all gotten really close, it really is a collective effort this show.

“I’ve never experienced this kind of passion for the storytelling, from the crew, the cast, the writers, and it’s all been there since the beginning.

“In my opinion, with any really well meticulously plotted out story, you’re aiming for a very specific end.

“Ultimately, to have that beginning, middle, and end you need to know where you are going.

“We got there, and I’m grateful we were able to tell the whole story, it’s a rare thing.

“I am deeply aware of the privilege that is to be able to complete a story after six years.”

The Expanse seasons 1-6 are available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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