The Crown: Freddie Fox addresses the duty of care needed for Mark Thatcher role

The Crown: Freddie Fox discusses playing Mark Thatcher

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The Crown star Freddie Fox, who starred as Mark Thatcher in the hit Netflix drama, joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning today. The actor, who features in the new BBC period drama The Pursuit of Love, opened up on the “responsibility” he felt playing Margaret Thatcher’s son.

Holly began: “You were a part of The Crown, which is another one of my favourites, you played Mark Thatcher.

“You said in the past there’s a responsibility and duty of care when you’re playing a character that’s a real person.”

“Yes, there is,” Freddie replied. “Particularly when they’re a character that has a particular public profile and people are predisposed to think one way of them.

“It’s very much your job not to look at them in that way or try not to and see them as a friend almost that you can then spend a lot of time with.”

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“Mark was no different and I was very lucky with that production,” he continued. 

“It’s like stepping into a Rolls Royce all the facilities are there to help you research the character and you have dialect coaches, you have moving coaches and all sort of things that is so helpful.”

Freddie went on to detail his latest role in Emily Mortimer’s adaptation of The Pursuit of Love which premieres on Sunday. 

Phillip asked whether the show was a cross between Downton Abbey and Bridgeton. 

“I think it’s more spritely and even wittier than both,” Freddie revealed. “Yes, it does have flavours of each. 

“It’s certainly what you need on a Sunday night to take you out of lockdown for sure.”

“I can’t wait, the trailer just fills me with so much excitement,” Holly remarked. “So your character is Tony Kroesig, Linda [Radlett] wants to find love and she meets him but is he necessarily the one for her because he’s complicated and complex?”

“He’s complicated, he’s probably the last person you’d want your friend to marry,” Freddie replied. 

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“He’s cruel and he’s caddish and he becomes a Nazi sympathiser so not exactly ideal boyfriend material.

“Linda’s so desperate to fall in love that she looks over all those things and I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say it doesn’t end well.”

“We’re us most of the time so when you get to be somebody else it’s a treat, it’s like a little holiday from yourself,” he added.

Phillip asked Freddie to reveal his dream role after teasing him about his father, Edward Fox’s advice about having “a type of character to help pay the mortgage”.

“I fear I would jinx it if I say it,” Freddie replied. “But I’ll say it’s an androgynous pop star whose name begins with B.”

“David Bowie…,” Holly remarked. “Well, you’ve worked with Alfie Boe?”

“Yes, which was a joy for me because I’m not a musician, I’m an actor who plays a bit of guitar and sings a bit.”

The Crown is available to stream on Netflix. The Pursuit of Love airs on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm. This Morning airs on weekdays on ITV at 10am. 

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