The Chase creator spills on random celebrity who inspired the quiz show

The Chase creator has revealed that the quiz show is inspired by the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

Creators have said they were inspired by the athlete's sensational performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Michael Kelpie, MD of Potato, which is part of ITV Studios, and exec producer/creator of The Chase, revealed the secret to The Sun.

Mr Kelpie told the publication how he became a researcher for the programme at the time of the Olympics that year at a fairly late stage into its development.

He said the process of creating a game show can go on for "months and months".

Mr Kelpie said that at the time of researching everyone was excited about Usain as he had just burst into the world as the fastest man on the planet.

He said: "Everybody in the world was excited by him and everybody in television and broadcasters all over the world were going ,'How can we get that excitement into our television programmes?'."

Usain went on to inspire them to think up the idea of ultra fast and powerful quizzers.

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He continued: "And in a dusty room in the ITV tower back in the day a development researcher went, ‘What if we did a quiz race and what if they (contestants) had to race against the Usain Bolt of quizzes?’ and that was the start of The Chase.

"You may say, 'Oh my God that is a really simple idea,' but it was a moment of pure genius and that person has done very, very well since financially."

And clearly so as the show launched in 2009 and is still on air today.

The Chase is an ITV quiz show which airs weekdays at 5pm and features Bradley Walsh as the host.

Each episode sees four contestants take on The Chaser to try and win a cash prize to share.

During last night's episode, a contestant called Xander had a cheeky little flirt with Chaser Anne Hegerty.

Earlier in the episode, Xander had mentioned that his favourite film is RoboCop.

As Anne introduced herself to him, she attempted to quote a line from the film but much to Xander's happiness she got it wrong.

Anne said: "As they said in RoboCop, 'you're going alive or dead'."

Xander responded between giggles: "Doesn't quite say that but go on," before going on to say what he claimed was the actual quote.

He said: "Dead or alive, you're coming with me," before winking at Anne.

Anne cheekily quipped back: "Yes but you're not coming with me. I'm not taking you home!"

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