'The Challenge 35:' Rogan O'Connor Defends Dee Nguyen's Decision Not to Compete in Elimination

Ex-flings Rogan O’Connor and Dee Nguyen both returned for The Challenge 35: Total Madness. During the second episode, Rogan began flirting with rookie Jennifer Lee, making Dee jealous. Regardless of their feelings toward each other now, Rogan defended his ex’s decision not to throw herself into elimination.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information released in The Challenge 35: Total Madness Episode 2.]

Rogan O’Connor and Dee Nguyen previously hooked up

During The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, Team UK members Rogan O’Connor and Dee Nguyen developed a romance. Dee admitted she “fell in love with a stripper” in her confessional, whereas Rogan seemingly only focused on having a good time in the house.

He also considered throwing her into elimination because he didn’t want to “carry her through the finals,” but Dee carried her weight, and their four-player team won the season, earning $250,000 each.

In a clip shown at the reunion, Rogan admitted he recently came out of a three-and-a-half-year relationship and only dated her out of “boredom.” Overcome with emotion; Dee said his words hurt her as she’s “loyal to a fault.”

During the time they ended filming until they began shooting for the next season, The Challenge 35: Total Madness, Dee says the two talked and were on friendly terms.

Dee Nguyen became jealous during ‘The Challenge 35’

The former couple reunited for the new season, and Dee chose the bed right above her ex-lover in the bunker. In a confessional, Rogan admitted he wasn’t happy about the sleeping arrangements, while Dee laughed and confessed she would be a “massive c**k block.”

During the second episode, the Australian-native noticed her ex-fling had an affinity for rookie Jennifer Lee. While Jenn and Rogan played chess, the three-time competitor watched the couple intently and later admitted she still had feelings for him to Tori Deal.

Then, Dee and her team won the daily challenge, placing her in the Tribunal. After the house nominated Jenn for elimination, she and Dee got into an argument where the rookie accused the former champ of watching her in her sleep.

While the Australian-native denied it, night camera footage showed Dee peeking out from her koala sleeping mask in the middle of the night. Once everyone arrived at Purgatory that night for the elimination, host T.J. Lavin informed the contestants of another twist.

Instead of the Tribunal throwing in someone they interrogated, any of the members can go into elimination themselves to earn their red skull.

Rogan O’Connor defends Dee Nguyen’s decision not to compete

Since Dee had beef with the prospect, several of the contestants encouraged her to send Jenn home herself. However, she went with her predetermined plan and voted for friend Jenny West to face the rookie.

After Jenny easily knocked her out of the competition, Dee admitted she regretted not going down there herself. Rogan took to Twitter after the episode aired to defend his ex-fling.

He explained she didn’t know she had the option to compete “until she was already at Purgatory in jeans and a jacket.” Additionally, Rogan pointed out that Dee already promised Jenny, “she’d choose her” and only “had a split second to decide.”

A follower replied and claimed Dee “would have lost” against the prospect, and Rogan, seemingly jokingly agreed, writing, “one hundred percent.” The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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