'The Challenge' 35: Fans Call out Kailah Casillas for Acting Friendly Toward Bayleigh Dayton After Previous Mean Tweets

Five-time competitor Kailah Casillas and rookie Bayleigh Dayton both competed on The Challenge 35: Total Madness. After the trailer to the upcoming season depicted the two as having a friendly relationship, many fans called out Kailah for her previous mean tweets about the Big Brother 20 star.

Bayleigh Dayton on ‘Big Brother 20’

In 2018, Maryland-based flight attendant Bayleigh Dayton competed on Big Brother Season 20. Quickly after moving into the house, she began a showmance with Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

After their alliance blindsided her boyfriend in the second week, America gave her the Power App. The advantage allowed her to change the nominations at any ceremony until Final 8.

She revealed her Power App to Rachel Swindler, who shared the secret with the members of the dominating Level Six Alliance. One of the main members, Angela Rummans, convinced the flight attendant not to play her Power App at the upcoming ceremony, and then backdoored her that same week, making her the first member of the jury.

When they returned for the reunion, Chris proposed to Bayleigh, and the two tied the knot in early 2019.

Kailah Casillas on ‘The Challenge’

After appearing on Real World: Go Big Or Go Home, Florida-native Kailah Casillas joined The Challenge family. She made her debut in Invasion of the Champions and sent veteran Marie Roda home in the second episode before getting eliminated a few weeks later.

Kailah returned for Dirty 30 and nearly made it to the finals after two elimination wins. In the following season, Vendettas, Kailah placed fourth and earned $25,625.

She also competed in spinoff Champs vs. Stars (2018) alongside childhood crush, Drake Bell, and they raised nearly $1,500 each for their respective charities.

The Florida native then disqualified herself in the first episode of Final Reckoning for getting into a physical altercation with UK star, Melissa Reeves.

Kailah Casillas explains her change of heart toward Bayleigh Dayton

After taking a break for three seasons, Kailah returned for The Challenge 35: Total Madness. Bayleigh also competed as a rookie alongside her husband and two other Big Brother 20 stars: Fessy Shafaat and winner Kaycee Clark.

The MTV star watched their season and tweeted, “Bayleigh is such a b***h. I’d never let her talk down to me the way these people are letting her” in August 2018.

After seeing Kailah and Bayleigh pop champagne bottles together in the trailer for The Challenge 35, they began calling out the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star for acting fake.

She responded to the criticism and explained she made the comment after watching Bayleigh’s “obviously s****y BB edit,” and her opinion of the Maryland native changed after they spent time together.

The Big Brother star noted she did see Kailah’s tweet before they competed together. Nonetheless, she “decided to give her a chance.” Bayleigh also claimed Kailah is “not a bad person” so “that angle is dead,” advising people to drop it.

The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs April 1, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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