'The Boys' Star Laz Alonso on MM's Love Sausage Moment: 'You Went a Little Far, Bro'

There are many shocking moments in the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys. Season 2, which aired in September and October 2020, brought even more of these. Amidst the violence and displays of superpowers came one scene that many fans will never forget, involving the character MM. Learn how Laz Alonso, who portrays him, felt about it.

Laz Alonso stars in ‘The Boys’ as MM

Alonso portrayed the character Marvin T. “Mother’s” Milk, known as MM. MM is a founding member of the Boys, a former Marine who coordinates many of its missions. In season 1, he rejoins Butcher (Carl Urban) and the others despite having a job as a counselor and a family to take care of.

In The Boys Season 2, MM is still with the group. He reveals more of his backstory to Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight, explaining that his father was a lawyer who died trying to take down the Vought corporation. Like the others, he’s a fugitive on the run for much of the season.

His character fights a supe named Love Sausage

In Season 2, Episode 6 (titled “The Bloody Doors Off”), the Boys infiltrate Sage Grove, a psychiatric hospital where Vought has been testing Compound V on patients. MM, Frenchie, and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) encounter Lamplighter, a former double-agent supe who’s been working there, as numerous patients escape.

While rehashing their past, an escaped patient known as Love Sausage attacks. The character is named for his tentacle-like penis, which he’s able to use as a weapon. Love Sausage gets a hold of MM, nearly strangling him as the others attempt to help. Kimiko takes care of it, knocking out Love Sausage.

Alonso says he didn’t know the full extent of the scene

“A little birdie told me you actually didn’t read the fine print when it came to the Love Sausage scene,” said moderator Melissa Fumero during PaleyFest NY. Alonso explained that the scene got “bigger and bigger” as the script changed, telling her, “I wasn’t aware of it because I read the first copy, and that didn’t happen in the first pass of the script.”

He explains that when his co-stars like Urban, Quaid, and Fukuhara teased him, he chalked it up to a practical joke, not realizing until it came time to do it. “We all were constantly picking on each other,” Alonso said. “I just knew that that wasn’t happening to Mother’s Milk. And sure enough…”

The scene involved a prosthetic as well as visual effects

When asked where it was a practical effect or CGI, Alonso said, “It was a little bit of both, the prosthetic, and then Stephan [Fleet, the show’s visual effects supervisor] added his little tickling and all in my eyeballs. You went a little far, bro,” he added to Fleet, who was also part of the discussion.

Fleet explained how he worked with a VFX company for months on the scene. But he credits the cast’s hardworking mentality with inspiring his own. “Everyone brings a thousand percent to set. So I feel like I have to, too. At the end of the day, it was making a serious action scene,” he said, adding, “I didn’t think it was going to become this big meme.”

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