The 25 best TV shows to watch on Netflix right now

IT can be difficult to know what to pick when it comes to the ever-important decision of choosing a Netflix series to binge on.

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Thankfully, we've compiled a list that cuts through the noise. Take a look at our selection below.

1. Money Heist

This Spanish crime series follows a criminal mastermind who plans to execute the biggest heist in Spanish history.

He recruits eight people with special abilities to help him to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

Netflix reported that it will return with the fifth season that's set to be it's last.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 81%

2. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fictional series following Saxon-born Uhtred, who was raised a Viking, as he seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.

He goes up against Alfred the Great who's defending and protecting his kingdom against the Norse invaders.

The show is based on Bernard Cornwell's series of novels titled The Saxon Stories.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 96%

3. All American

Spencer James is a rising high school football player and student at South Crenshaw High.

After he's scouted by Beverly Hills school coach Billy Baker, Spencer's family and friends encourage the young athlete to seize the opportunity.

Protecting his transfer permit means Spencer has to move in with his coach.Navigating his new life presents a series of challenges for the football star.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 74%

4. Love on the Spectrum

Love on the Spectrum is an Australian reality series following a group of autistic individuals in their plight for love.

Airing last year, it provides a heartfelt, intimate and candid glimpse into dating life as a person with autism.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%

5. iZombie

Ambitious med student Liv Moore joins the ranks of the living dead after attending a party that turns into a zombie feeding frenzy.

Determined to normalize herself back into society, she takes up a job at a coroner's office where she can inconspicuously snack on the brains of the dead bodies delivered.

She soon learns that she absorbs the memories of those she feeds on and she finds new purpose by posing as a psychic and working with a detective to help solve their murders.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 86%

6. The Order

Belgrave University student Jack Morton joins a secret society Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose at his school and is thrust into a new mystical world.

He uncovers dark family secrets and lands in an underground battle being waged between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic.

He is joined by Alyssa, a tour guide at the university and fellow member of the Blue Rose society.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 75%

7. In the Dark

A blind woman with vices finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when her best friend turns up dead.

This comedy series began airing last year and is Netflix's first German-language original series.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 82%

8. Stranger Things

Stranger Things became an explosively popular series hit when it hit Netflix in 2016.

Now on it's third series, there are no signs of the original science fiction horror show slowing down.

Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences.

After her 12-year-son goes missing, she enlists local authorities to help recover him. Along the way of the investigation, they unravel a series of eerie mysteries and government secrets.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 91%

9. Reckoning

Reckoning is an Australian produced thriller drama about a teen's grisly murder in suburban Northern California.

Two men closely linked to the case are set on a dangerous collision course that threatens both their family lives and their community.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 64%

10. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero series based on the comic book series of the same name published by Dark Horse Comics.

Seven children are adopted by billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who creates the Umbrella Academy and prepares them to save the world.

As time passes and the family fractures, they reunite upon learning of their father's death, determined to solve the mystery of how he died whilst also facing the imminent threat of a global apocalypse.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 89%

11. The Office US

This hilarious sitcom series starring Steve Carrell is a mockumentary following office life at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company based in Scranton, Pennslyvania.

The mixture of characters and the dynamic of office drama is all too relatable to viewers who kept The Office running for nine seasons.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 93%

12. Schitt's Creek

Wealthy store magnate Johnny Rose and his soap opera star wife Moira suddenly find themselves completely broke.

With two spoiled children in toe, they must turn in the life they once knew for a new life in Schitt's Creek, a small town that the family had purchased years before as a joke.

The Rose family is forced to confront poverty head-on in this Candanian sitcom series.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 95%

13. Love, Death and Robots

This animated series consists of 18 stand-alone episodes produced by different casts and crews that explores the themes of the series' title.

The show is inspired by the 1981 film Heavy Metal and is produced by Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher and Jennifer Miller.

The experimental series has been met with a reception of praise, with some likening it to Black Mirror.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 91%

14. Maniac

Two strangers, played by Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, are drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial

Both parties have their own broken and disaffected reasons for participating in the trial, lured by the promise of the drug that is said to heal any part of mind.

Things don't go as planned as the strangers and ten other participants subject themselves to the three-day drug trial.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 84%

15. The Great British Baking Show

Don't watch this show hungry!

The Great British Baking Show is 10-week reality TV competition following 12 amateur bakers whipping up their best cakes and pastries in hopes of being crowned the UK's best pastry chef.

Paul Hollywood,Prue Leith, Sue Perkins, and Mary Berry make up the panel of judges assessing the nation's cakes.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 98%

16. The Haunting of Hill House

The series follows siblings who, as children, grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the country.

As adults, they are forced back together to confront ghosts of their past and the terrifying events that drove them from their home in the first place.

The series is based on the haunting 1959 novel penned by Shirley Jackson.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 91%

17. The Witcher

The Witcher is a Polish-American fantasy drama about monster hunter Geralt of Rivia.

Henry Cavill portrays one of the three protagonists who explore different journeys before they merge into a single timeline on the Continent.

It's based on the book series of the same name authored by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 86%

18. Russian Doll

Russian Doll is an American comedy-drama series starring Natasha Lyonne about a New York City woman on a journey to secure the guest of honor spot a party.

Lyonne's character, Nadia, gets stuck in a mysterious warp where she repeatedly attends the same evening, dies, and wakes up unaffected, only for the loop to keep repeating itself.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 87%

19. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson stars in this sketch comedy series that sees him trying to get people to go away.

In each segment, Tim and guests attempt to drive someone to the point of needing, or desperately wanting, to leave.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 71%

20. Sex Education

Awkward high school student Otis doesn't have much experience in sex, but with a sex therapist for a mother, he's sought after for his advice that he learns and offers to fellow students.

This British show nods to an eighties aesthetic while set in the modern day.

Season three of the show is said to resume filming next month.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 94%

21. The Hollow

The Hollow is an animated series about three teens who work together to find a way home after waking up in a mysterious realm filled with magic portals, strange puzzles, and wild beasts.

Originally aired in Canada, the show has been running for two seasons.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 98%

22. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story 

The series explores the murder of designer Gianni Versace by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

The season premiered on January 17, 2018, and concluded on March 21, 2018 and won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series.

The dramatization retraces the events leading up to Cunanan's murder spree where he killed five people in1997.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 91%

23. Glow

An out-of-work actress living in LA in the 1980s bands together with 12 Hollywood misfits to enter the world of women's wrestling.

Alison Brie stars as the series protagonist, Ruth Wilder.

The show debuted in 2017 and has been running for three seasons.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 86%

24. Mindhunter

Mindhunter follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they attempt to understand and catch serial killers by studying their damaged psyches.

Along the way, the agents pioneer a new form of serial killer profiling.

Oscar-nominated director David Fincher and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron are among the show's executive producers.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 95%

25. Bodyguard

David Budd finds work as a police sergeant with London's Metropolitan Police Service protecting controversial politician Julia Montague MP.

The former war veteran struggles between his odds with Montague's policies and personality and his duty to protect and serve her.

Bodyguard, which debuted in 2018, won a Golden Globe award for Best Television Series.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 71%


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