Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun gives birth to third child, a baby boy named Bodhi John, after suffering miscarriage

TEEN Mom Nikkole Paulun gave birth to her third child, a baby boy named Bodhi John, after suffering a miscarriage.

The former MTV star shared sweet photos of the newborn just days after his arrival.

The 27-year-old announced the birth of her son in a sweet Instagram post on Friday.

She shared a snap of herself and husband Kyle Ledda admiring Bodhi in the hospital, writing: "Baby boy is here! After 14 hours of labor we welcomed our sweet rainbow babe last night!

"We’ve been just resting & soaking him all in. Thank you all so much for the prayers & congratulations. He’s perfect! "

Alongside a photo of Bodhi wrapped in a blanket, Nikkole detailed the delivery experience on Saturday.

She wrote: “Introducing our beautiful rainbow boy, Bodhi John Ledda aka Bo Bo!

“We went to the hospital Wednesday morning at 6 am to be induced and I was still only dilated to a one 😫.”

The MTV alum continued: “At 8 am, they gave me cyotec to get my cervix ripened and dilating. Over the next 4 hours I started having pretty good contractions but when I was checked at noon I had only dilated to a 2.”

The doctor eventually decided to break the MTV alum’s water, while she then decided to take Nubane and Pitocin to numb the pain of the contractions.

Her contractions eventually became “really intense” and she asked for an epidural, explaining: “I was so excited only to find out I needed a bag of fluids before they could give me the epidural.

“This is when things became a blur for me. I was in soooo much pain. I was sobbing and begging them to hurry up and give me the epidural. My poor husband is probably traumatized because I was acting like a she-demon 🤣.”

Nikkole detailed suffering through “the worst contractions she’s ever had," adding that she eventually got the epidural and it soon became time to push.

The 16 & Pregnant star continued: “I could barely hold in the urge while everyone was setting up and 2 1/2 pushes later we got to meet our little babe!

“I may have told Kyle several times while I was in labor that I’m never having another baby but we’re already talking about the next one 😅.”

The caption concluded: “We are so in love & so happy to share this little guy with you all.”

The proud mom continued to show off her newborn son by sharing a video of herself holding him, which she captioned: “He’s so tiny he swims in his newborn clothes.”

Nikkole announced her third child's name in an Instagram post in May.

Last summer, Nikkole revealed she suffered a miscarriage and asked fans to "keep us in your prayers."

The former MTV star appeared in the second season of 16 & Pregnant, which aired in 2010.

Nikkole posted a photo of herself holding up a sonogram while being held by her then-fiance, Kyle Ledda.

She wrote: "We were so excited to announce that we were having a baby but unfortunately we found out it no longer has a heartbeat. Please keep us in your prayers. If you’ve had a missed miscarriage + a D&C I'd love to talk to some people who’ve gone on to have a successful pregnancy. I’m so heartbroken and so scared for the future."

Nikkole and Kyle tied the knot last July.

She gave birth to her first child, Lyle, in 2009 with her troubled ex, Josh Drummonds.

She also welcomed a daughter in 2015, Ellie Jade, with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Rice.

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