Teen Mom Leah Messer looks like a model in stunning new photos after slamming trolls' claims she wears 'too much makeup'

LEAH Messer looks like a model in a stunning new photo after unveiling her brand new look as she slammed trolls for mocking her makeup.

Posing on a porch in West Virginia, the 28-year-old Teen Mom star posted a sultry snap to Instagram on Thursday.

"Embody the true essence of your soul," Leah wrote, followed by a slew of hashtags including #GirlMom and #ConsciousLiving.

In the photo, Leah can be seen wearing a beige long-sleeved top with jeans and statement snakeskin boots as she pouted at the camera.

The reality starlet has ditched the peroxide and is now a brunette with some subtle highlights.

Her confident post prompted negative comments about her makeup as one fan demanded if "you really need all that? #BeReal #BeNatural."

However, Leah was quick to point out that she "enjoys" dressing up and urged the user to unfollow her.

She replied: "I personally enjoy dressing up and providing good quality content for my followers.

"You can unfollow me if you’d like because the opinion of you or anyone else is irrelevant to my growth love!"

This week, Leah also posted a video of her choosing a pumpkin in the latest fall fashion and trying out aerial yoga after revealing her brand new look and confidence.

Who is Leah Messer?

Leah Messer, a West Virginia native, rose to fame on Teen Mom 2 after she fell pregnant with twin girls.

She has been featured on the show since 2011.

Leah has spoken openly about her struggles with depression and substance abuse over the years.

She revealed her suicide attempt by driving off a cliff, her sexual abuse as a child, and her abortion secret in her memoir Hope, Grace & Faith.

Leah shares Ali and her 10-year-old twin Aleeah with her first ex-husband Corey Simms and has a daughter, Adalynn, with her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

She briefly dated Jason Jordan but did not have any children with him.

Leah, 28, and Jason, 41, split in March 2019 after a year of dating on-and-off.

But things haven't always been so rosy for the MTV alum.

Leah found fame as a teenager on the network's popular series when she welcomed 10-year-old twins Aleeah and Ali with her then-husband Corey Simms.

Ali was later diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

Leah then gave birth to another daughter, Addie, with Jeremy Calvert in 2013.

Earlier this month, she admitted to doing heroin purchased off the street while partaking in “very illegal activities” to get drugs before she sobered up.

Leah also revealed she was taking a “ridiculous amount” of pills during the “downhill spiral” of her past battle with addiction. 

In her May 2020 memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith, Leah claimed that she suffered a “botched” spinal tap when she had a C-section with daughter Addie.

The MTV personality penned in the book that the hospital prescribed her with painkillers Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Tylenol 3.

Leah explained how she struggled with depression and anxiety all her life, but that the opioids sent her “over the edge” which was the beginning of her substance abuse. 

On Saturday, she admitted she later began "turning to the streets” to buy drugs and that’s when she realized she had “lost” herself.

The reality star told the Knockin' Doorz Down podcast today that this was when she started to think “suicidal thoughts." 

She shares Ali and Aleeah, 10, with ex-husband Corey Simms, and Addie, 7, with ex-spouse Jeremy Calvert.

Leah was often filmed slurring her words and nodding off mid-sentence on Teen Mom.

This tragically resulted in her briefly losing custody of her twins in 2015 – but she and Corey now share the girls 50/50.

Leah went into a treatment facility after Teen Mom 2 producers viewed GoPro footage of her attempting to commit suicide by driving off a cliff.

Last month, the now-healthy Leah posted a gorgeous snap on Instagram as she marked five years being.

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