Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's sons Isaac, 11, & Lincoln, 7, 'drag' her & make fun of how she talks to fans on Instagram

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry revealed her sons have been “dragging” her for her Instagram addiction.

The 29-year-old reality star has four Instagram accounts she uses – both for personal use and for various business ventures.

Kailyn took to none other than Instagram to detail how both Isaac, 11, and Lincoln, 7, have been mocking her.

She shared a video of the younger of the two coming down the stairs, pretending to be her, saying “Good morning!” in a little big of a higher voice, before shaking his head a little from side to side with a smile.

“Lincoln says I do this,” Kail captioned the video.

Next up was Isaac’s turn to showcase how they see their mom start start the day, every day.

Isaac said: “You come down the stairs, this is what you do.”

He then takes on a higher-pitched voice, adds in a similar smile and head shake as his brother’s and said: “Good morning, Instagram!” 

They all just started to laugh afterward, as Kailyn asked her followers in a note over the video, “Why are they dragging me?”

Next up was her 3-year-old son Lux’s turn to mock her for getting up and immediately going on social media.

The mother-and-son duo sat in the car, with Lux was front and center, saying, “Good morning, Instagram” over and over.

Finally, Kailyn got her chance to say the phrase, and cheerfully recited the words to her followers.

Lux loved the phrase so much, he wouldn’t let his mom talk and kept screaming it over top of what the Teen Mom star wanted to tell her fans next.

Eventually, she gave up and just wrote out what she wanted to say, as her son continued to talk behind her.

“What I was trying to say isssss THERE IS AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF @babymamasnodramapodcast.”

Aside from sharing the ways her sons have been mocking her use of Instagram first thing in the morning, as well as how she speaks on the platform, Kailyn also posted a few photos about Lux’s artwork.

The mom of four revealed he had an art show on Monday night, and that she’s “so proud of him.”

The little boy, whom she shares with ex Chris Lopez, posed next to his artwork and smiled big for the camera.

Lux was rocking his new hairstyle after Kailyn shared pictures last week of him getting his hair braided.

She later had to clap back at one commenter after the troll criticized his long hair as they wrote: "Looks so much better with his hair back bless him xx."

Kailyn showed that she doesn't tolerate any slander directed as her son as she replied: "He looks good no matter how his hair is. LOL he loves it down."

Kailyn stood up to the troll just one day after fans slammed her for giving Lux cornrows after she previously claimed Isaac's buzz cut "didn't look white."

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