Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for snubbing stepdaughter Maryssa, 13, after she calls biological kids her 'best friends'

JENELLE Evans was reamed by fans for snubbing her stepdaughter Maryssa in a new TikTok video where she calls her biological children her "best friends."

The Teen Mom 2 alum's stepdaughter recently raised fan concerns when she shared an emotional post about feeling "bruised and broken."

Jenelle, 29, was called out by fans who noticed she failed to mention Maryssa, 13, in a recent TikTok created in honor of her children.

The reality star shared the video over the weekend, which included a throwback clip from her time on the MTV show.

In the old scene, the TV personality broke down in tears as she told a producer that she "has no one", "no one cares" about her, and "no one loves" her.

"My mom never even tells me she loves me," she weeped, adding: "No one tells me they love me."

Jenelle's old clip then cut to a current video where she enjoyed a pool day with her daughter Ensley, four.

The mother of three held her child in the water as she told her: "Guess what? I love you. And I will always love you, okay?

"You promise? Forever and ever," she gushed.

"And you're my best friend right? You Jace and Kaiser you're my best friends alright," Jenelle explained while hugging her daughter tight.

"I love you so much," she added while kissing Ensley multiple times on the cheek.

"They'll never be a day where I don't stop loving you okay? I promise. And if you ever need ANYTHING when you're a big girl, you come tell mommy okay?"

"I want to talk to you about EVERYTHING okay? I love you so much," Jenelle finished as she kissed and hugged her youngest child.

However, fans were not pleased by the video as they wondered why the MTV star's stepdaughter Maryssa was not recognized in the post.

"Don't forget Maryssa?!" one concerned fan wrote, while another advised: "I tell my bonus kids the same as I tell my son.

"But maybe it's because I have a great relationship with their mom," they argued.

Jenelle made sure to clear up any confusion by replying: "Thanks everyone for the support! I didn't forget about Maryssa but I feel like it would've been rude towards her mom."

The North Carolina native shares her daughter Ensley with her husband David Eason, who has Maryssa from a previous relationship.

The 13-year-old recently raised concerns when she shared an emotional post about feeling "bruised" and "broken."

On Instagram, the teen wrote: "I stopped venting and started praying cause I don't need sympathy.

"I need strength- bruised but not broken."

Followers were stunned by the since-deleted "heartbreaking" post as they took to Reddit to discuss Maryssa's "sad" circumstances.

"Jesus. The kid begged to not be sent back to the swamp and she is still forced to live in a swampy hell. I hope she gets out soon and takes all the kids and animals with her," one wished.

"This is sad. Poor girl :/" another wrote while a third user chimed in: "Poor Maryssa. I can’t even imagine what things are like for her."

Another follower added: "Omg this is so heartbreaking," while a fifth wrote: "Poor girl. She got dealt a very shit hand in life, I hope she can escape safely and as soon as possible. The courts failed her and the others."

"Well f**k that’s dark, poor kid," a final speculated.

Earlier this month Maryssa graduated from middle school, as her father David credited her as "beautiful and smart."

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