Teen Mom Jenelle Evans likes post that claims 'every man who grew up in the 90s' acts 'racist' like husband David Eason

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans has liked a post that claims “every man who grew up in the 80s & 90s” acts “racist and sexist” – like her husband David Eason. 

The 29-year-old shared a statement made by a fan account that appeared to make excuses for how people of a certain age act. 

Jenelle’s husband David Eason, 32, is no stranger to controversy and has stirred up strong reactions from fans many times before. 

Sharing the post to her Instagram Stories, the message featured a photo of Jenelle with a lengthy rant defending the reality star. 

One particular section that referred to her baby daddy, read: “Most people have never been with a man like David. 

“His [sic] just a homophobic, racist, and sexist. I’m not calling him that but come on people, every straight man I know who grew up in the 80/90’s acts like that.”

A screenshot of the post was uploaded to Reddit where Teen Mom fans went to town calling out everything they felt was wrong with the comments. 

One wrote: “How embarrassing that someone would post this.”

“This girl is as dumb as a box of rocks. I know plenty of 80s and 90s men that are not hateful bigots, myself included. Get f***ed,” fumed another.

A third raged: “EXCUSE ME?! What a FPOS!!! When you grew up is NO EXCUSE. It’s HOW you grew up.. and 9 times out of 10 you grew up hearing racist behavior and people being ignorant!!!”

“Jenelle either wrote this or paid some kid $20 to write it,” joked one Redditer.

While another agreed, adding: “There cannot be anyone besides jenelle who thinks this. Please tell me jenelle anonymously wrote it!”

Earlier this year, David caused uproar amongst fans when he defended the use of the n-word.

Responding to a Facebook post about racial slurs, he wrote: "What's the problem? They call themselves n***a all day every day.

"Even lifting up the word like it's elegant in their songs. Not that I think it's right but life is a two way street."

He continued: "Why do black people get away with calling white people crackers, snow flakes, Nazis, supremacists, etc."

David added in a second post: "Now that I think about it I've been called n***a and n****r at least a couple thousand times in my life."

The summer previously he was slammed for claiming white people are being "attacked" and saying all "wrongs" that white people have committed "have been righted."

The fired MTV star posted a white square on Instagram, which was a nod to the black square millions of people posted on Blackout Tuesday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The former Teen Mom star wrote: "White out Wednesday because I love my strong, white, American brothers and sisters who are proud and not ashamed of their skin color regardless of all the prejudice against us right now!

"We are being attacked by everyone, then some of you feel guilty for no reason. What did we do that was so wrong? All the wrongs have been righted!"

His followers were quick to criticize David for the offensive post, with many calling the reality star "racist."

David married Jenelle, 29, in 2017. They share three-year-old daughter Ensley, while he also has teenage daughter Maryssa from a previous relationship.

Back in May 2019, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 after David admitted to shooting and killing the family’s French bulldog for nipping at Ensley.

He continued his violent streak when he documented killing and eating the family's pet goat, Elvis.

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