Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David jokes he's hunting 'baby chicks' after daughter Ensley accused him of killing them

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason joked that he's hunting "baby chicks."

His comments come after their daughter Ensley accused him of killing the farm animals.

The fired MTV star recently took to Instagram to share a photo of a tree as he spent time outside, which he captioned: "Oh you know, just out here hunting 'baby chicks.'"

David's caption was a reference to his recent video that caught him he telling off Ensley for claiming he "killed the baby chicks."

The short video – which was shared on several Teen Mom fan accounts – showed Ensley wondering over to a chicken coop in the family yard.

She said: "Hey, remember you killed a baby chick? Don't kill them again. Then I'll be so mad."

A man who appeared to be David said from behind the camera: "What? Girl, you have lost your mind. What are you talking about?"

After Ensley repeated herself, the man asked: "Why would you say that?"

When the four-year-old argued that the man killed a baby chick, he aggressively replied: "No I did not. I will smack you in the mouth."

Shortly after David shared his most recent post, a number of Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to slam him for how he treats Ensley.

One person wrote: "Do you think this is his way of saying 'Ensley was confused. This is what she meant by ‘shooting baby chicks.’ When we all know Ensley isn’t confused. She spilled the beans and David isn’t as slick as he thinks he is in the way he covers it up.'

Another person said: "Get a job, David."

A third chimed in: "How do they have custody of any living being. How."

The criticisms continued as someone else wrote: "Why is he trolling his four year old on social media exactly the same way he trolls random strangers?"

A following person noted: "He treated her the same exact way he does the hatters when they call him out on shit, immediately threatened violence, so to him that’s what she is now. Just a hatter."

Others expressed their concern for Ensley, as one person wrote: "Is anyone else seriously disturbed (but not at all shocked) that this lowlife is trolling his own four year old daughter?

"She’s the one who called him out for murdering those chicks, not the hatters. She’s the one who he threatened violence against for it. So who’s this post for, baby dick? Up WHOSE a**?"

One person said they were "not surprised at all," adding: "He is a manipulative controlling abuser. He also thrives off the negative public image. I’m sure he uses it to fuel the us and them feeling to Jenelle. This is further compounded when she gets sacked from any/every venture she touches."

Another critic wrote: "This 'man' is being a passive aggressive s**thead about his 4 year old daughter calling him out on murdering her pets when he was stupid enough to go live where he couldn't control the narrative. What a monster."

Shortly after the video circulated social media, Jenelle praised her husband for feeding the chicks.

The 29-year-old took to her Instagram Story on Saturday to share a clip of two black chicks walking around in a cage outside.

Alongside the clip, the Teen Mom 2 star wrote: "Unexpected Chicks.

"@easondavid88 just gave them fresh food and water."

After adding the "100" emoji, Jenelle concluded the post with the hashtag #DadMode.

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