Teen Mom Jade Cline's fans say she looks like Khloe Kardashian with 'new face' after her plastic surgery makeover

JADE Cline's fans were shocked over her post-surgery appearance as many believe she now looks just like Khloe Kardashian.

The Teen Mom star has blatantly denied having cosmetic surgery on her face, but some fans remain unconvinced.

Jade, 23, shared a new mirror selfie, and her followers were shocked by how different she appeared.

The reality star posed in front of her bathroom mirror wearing a black cropped hoodie and sweatpants.

The TV personality wore no makeup but gave the camera a soft smile as she posed with her natural curly hair.

Fans raced to Reddit to share their shock over Jade's new look, as some compared her to Khloe Kardashian.

"She's starting to look like Khloe Kardashian a little bit," one wrote, while a second asked: "That's Jade? That's not her lolol."

"Holy crap I don't even recognize Jade anymore," another shared, while another agreed: "It's weird, I don't think I've ever recognized her in a picture."

"I agree. If Khloe taught us anything, heavy makeup usage and filtering/photoshopping every image can give the perception that you've had more work done to your face than you actually have," another speculated.

"She's the ultimate catfish at this point. Yikes," another roasted, while another slammed: "She never looks the same in any of her pics."

Jade recently clapped back at fan criticism over her facial changes, as she insisted she's "never" had any work done above the neck.

After sharing a close-up selfie, a Teen Mom 2 fan wrote: “Did you do your nose?”

“Never done anything to my face," she retorted.

After another joked: “Right?! I think her nose job looks ridiculous. Her surgery made her look funny," and Jade quickly responded: “Never had any work on my face. LOL."

In mid-January the MTV star flew to Miami to get a Brazilian butt lift, in which fat was removed from other areas of her body and added to her butt.

A month later Jade spoke out about the procedure, telling her fans: "I'm a little over three weeks out from my surgery. Still swollen and pretty sore but healing up well.

"People keep asking me if I've lost a lot of weight and that's not really the case. I had some fat transferred so my weight is still around the same.

"It's just proportioned differently."

Despite the process proving to be very "painful," the young mom explained her decision on the Jay & Kay Unfiltered podcast.

 "I saw so many people I knew that were having BBLs, and I was so impressed and astonished at the shapes of their bodies.”

Later during an Instagram live session, she relayed: "It was a lot of pain. The journey had a lot of unexpected turns. Some crazy stuff happened."

"It was 10 times worse than childbirth. Everyone is different, but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering."

Jade joined OnlyFans in September, where she has now shared explicit content of her new figure.

Fans can purchase access to private videos and photos for $15 per month, or $67.50 for six months and $126 for 12 months.

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