Teen Mom fans terrified as Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason holds new kittens weeks after killing family's pet goat

TEEN Mom fans were left stunned as Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason cuddled a pair of kittens in his lap – despite having a history of killing the family's pets.

The MTV star, 28, took to her Instagram Stories to capture a video of baseball cap-clad David sat on a chair outside and tickling one of the kittens under its chin.

He later cradled them both in his arms as the mom of three could be heard exclaiming: "They're just chilling.

"They won't get offa you," as he juggled the pets with messaging on his mobile.

Jenelle accompanied the short video with a clip of Tiger King star Joe Exotic's track Here Kitty Kitty – a TV star to whom David has previously been told he looks like.

Stunned fans took to forum Reddit to comment on David looking after the new additions to the family, after recently having killed their goat, with one writing: "Makes me sick," and angry Emoji icons.

Another posted: "They have new animals every other week it's disturbing."

A third then put: "Why TF do they keep getting kittens?

"They rotate cats as much as they do beer."

The US Sun exclusively revealed Jenelle's kids "loved" their former pet goat – before David gobbled him up.

Last month David, 32, posted a disturbing video on Instagram showing him eating their pet goat Elvis, who had been born on their farm last year and raised by the family. 

David even showed off the goat’s severed head in the garbage. 

In the shocking video, David said as he bit into the grilled meat: "If you're wondering what a goat tastes like off the grill, well I'm here to tell you: tastes like chicken, tastes a little like beef or pork and it's real good.

“This is Elvis, the little baby we had last year.

“It's f**king delicious, people should eat more goat. For those who don't believe it was goat, it is. His name was Elvis.”

David had even called Elvis his “sweet baby” before the slaughter. 

Elvis’ killing came over a year after he admitted to shooting and killing the family dog Nugget because he nipped at their daughter Ensley. 

After the shocking incident, many fans called them out and said they shouldn't have any pets period.


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