Teen makes plastic surgery confession, leaving adults saying dont do it

A 14-year-old girl has left a woman in tears when she expressed her interest in plastic surgery.

Bobbi revealed on tonight's Channel 4 programme, Naked Education, that she dislikes her cheeks and is considering getting something to do with her face.

When she made the confession in the classroom, it gave host and former Love Island star Dr Alex George a shock to the system.

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The young teen explained: "I would have like cheek reduction, removing this fat here.

"I have had multiple ideas of changing my face, especially my cheek."

She even told the producers that she would do it "if money didn't exist".

Dr Alex expressed: "To be honest, I'm really shocked.

"What are we telling these children if they want to go under the knife at 14 years old to change how they look? We are going wrong somewhere."

He then explained to Bobbi that her body, as well as facial structure will change as she grows.

Later in the programme, they invited six people to share their plastic surgery experience with Bobbi and other teens in the class.

Liam, who regretted having forked out £20,000 for Botox and more, asked if any of the teens thinking to get procedures.

And what Bobbi said had left him and other guests stunned.

One woman who opened up to share her botched cheek fillers told Bobbi: "It's heartbreaking for me because I look at you and I see myself.

"I'm getting quite emotional. Don't do it."

The woman next to her, who has had two breast augmentations, also urged the 14-year-old: "Don't do it, Bobbi. You are beautiful already."

"Yeah, don't do it," a third added.

Hearing the advice from the adults, Bobbi said: "All right, this is all questions that I'm thinking of. Not 100%.

"These things aren't always permanent thoughts, in that you have to wait on this thought before actually doing it."


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