TalkTV sparks uproar as Meghan and Harry told ’suck it up’

Harry and Meghan: What we've learned from documentary so far

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The first part of the highly anticipated Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan has been released and the controversial episodes have left viewers divided. Three out of the six episodes were dropped at 8am Thursday morning on the streaming platform, with the second set of episodes landing next week. 

Former royal correspondent, Michael Cole has slammed the Duke and Duchess for sharing their story in the series. Speaking on Talk TV, he shared his reaction to the first three episodes.

“They should actually suck it up and realise how lucky they are,” he told presenter Kevin O’Sullivan. 

In his furious rant, he went on to remark on the pair’s “privileged” lifestyle “living in their hilltop fortress in California with two healthy beautiful children.”

He went on to ask the presenter: “What have they got to really worry about?”

The bombshell documentary shines a light on Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship from its infancy and follows their rocky journey as they navigated intense scrutiny from the press and Royal Family. 

Clearly enraged with the exposé, Michael went on to berate the couple for complaining at a time with so much public unrest around the world. 

“There’s a terrible war going, people are being murdered everyday,” he exclaimed, referring to the war in Ukraine.

“In this country, people are sitting in cold houses because they’re afraid to turn on the heating,” he added. 

While Kevin sat nodding in agreement with the royal expert, many users were enraged with his vilification. 

Twitter user @Casscout sarcastically commented: “Great journalism, “people are being murdered in Ukraine” what the hell does that have to do with Harry and Meghan.”

@BobKando was also critical of the interviewee’s parallels: “Fair enough, people are being murdered in Ukraine and here people are too frightened to turn on the heating, but trying to compare that with Meghan & Harry proves this Royal Expert has his head stuck up his A**e.”

Another Twitter user, Christopher Lee, came to Harry and Meghan’s defence saying: “Yet another royal ‘expert’ who proved H&M are right in having a go back.

“The MSN have lied about them for years, now it’s them having a right to reply, how about Michael Cole ‘suck it up’ and shut up?!”

The series was expected to give an in-depth insight into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s romance and the challenges that forced them to step back from their royal duties, while also commenting on the state of the Royal Family and their troubled history with the media. 

Many people were quick to critique the series as soon as it had been announced by the streaming giant over claims the pair have seemingly gone against the Monarchy. 

But following its release, many people have praised the couple for their honesty and bravery to share their story. 

@Joelle_o praised the couple on Twitter saying: “I’m so moved by #HarryandMeghaNetflix. After losing his mother after she was alienated from the RF and hounded by the press for dating non white men, H has dedicated his life to exposing royal racism and leaks so that history won’t repeat itself with his family. What a love story.”

Natalie commented: “Been watching #HarryandMeghanNetflix and I think they’re both great humans. Harry has protected his wife & family and Meghan, despite how the royal family & British public and press have treated her, is such an inspiring woman.”

While viewers will have to wait until the final three episodes are released next week, a teaser trailer revealed the pair’s fears for the future and the ongoing “conflict” with the Royal Family, hinting there’s more explosive revelations to come. 

The series is directed by critically-acclaimed, two-time Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning Liz Garbus.

Harry & Meghan episodes 1-3 are streaming on Netflix now.

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