Take a look at this incredible bungalow hidden in the hills of Tasmania

While we’re all cooped up indoors during lockdown, being nosy about other people’s properties is filling up so much more of our time.

Isolation envy is a real thing, and we need more fodder than our pals’ backgrounds on Zoom.

That’s where dreamy property porn comes in, and we’re all too happy to provide it.

Today’s wish-you-were-there spot is a bungalow on Tasmania’s east coast.

Tucked away within the hillside, the house looks like just a standard cottage from the outside. But step through the doorway and you’ll see it’s actually a pretty impressive retreat with incredible ocean views over the Great Oyster Bay.

The bungalow, sitting 90km north of Hobart, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open-plan living room, a massive kitchen, and a large sun deck.

Whichever room you’re in, you get a great view of the outdoors thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you chill out in the living room, you can see Freycinet National Park or watch the sun rise over the sea every morning. Dreamy, right?

Then in the master bedroom there’s a balcony where you can gaze out at the countryside, while the bathrooms have windows providing lush forest views.

Go to the kitchen and you’ll find a serving hatch that opens right out on to the sun deck, ideal for all those fancy outdoor dinner parties you’d have to have if you lived here.

If you could bear to actually leave the bungalow, a small, secluded beach is just a few minutes walk away, or you can wander around the 6.5 acres of woodland surrounding the property.

All of which sounds (and looks) pretty glorious, which means there is of course quite a hefty price tag. If you want to make your lockdown bungalow dreams a reality, you’ll need to have upwards of $900,000 (£466,000).

To be fair though, that’s not much more than a fancy London flat, and in this place you do get access to a beach rather than a Tube station.

The property is being sold through Roberts Real Estate agent Paul Whytecross, so do get in touch with him if the pandemic has made you so sick of your own dwellings that you’ll be ready to pack up and head to Tasmania the moment lockdown ends.

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