T.I. & Tiny accuser Sabrina Peterson claims 100 women have come to her with sexual misconduct claims against couple

SABRINA Peterson says more than 100 women have contacted her with sexual misconduct allegations against Grammy Award-winning rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny.

The 42-year-old Glam University founder told The Sun exclusively that the shocking claims — which the couple has vehemently denied — may result in a class-action lawsuit.

She also said she has spoken to documentary filmmakers about the possibility of making a TV show about the allegations, similar to the Surviving R. Kelly series.

Sabrina also claimed she spoke to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Atlanta about the women's claims about T.I., who's real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, and Tiny, otherwise known as Tameka Harris.

Asked if officers had spoken to Sabrina and any of the alleged victims, a spokesman for Fulton County Sheriff’s Office replied: “We do not currently have a warrant for Mr. or Mrs. Harris.”

The Sun has contacted T.I.’s reps asking for comment.

The couple said previously in a statement: “Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson. 

“The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. 

“They are taking this matter very seriously, and if these allegations don’t end, they will take appropriate legal action.”

A spokesman for T.A. Blackburn Law in New York confirmed to The Sun that they are in discussions with Sabrina and some of the women coming forward with the new allegations.

The spokesman said: “We are investigating all of the claims and we will have a definite statement in a few days. 

“Several other women have come forward with corroborating statements and we want to investigate their claims thoroughly.”

Sabrina claimed she is also trying to contact therapists to get the women "the help they need.”

Sabrina, her voice cracking with emotion, told The Sun she was "overwhelmed” with the response she has had since alleging T.I. threatened her with a gun in 2009 earlier this week.

She told The Sun: “Oh my God. We’re looking at well over a hundred women coming forward now. There may be a class action.

“The reason why so many, I’ll give you an example, one party he had, I think it was for his 31st birthday, there were 31 girls there. That’s just one night, 31 girls.

“I’m not surprised by how many women, I’m surprised by their treatment, by how they were manipulated. These are women from all over America: white, black.”

She added: “I got a call today from a documentary team so we’re going to go ahead and let the girls tell their story like in the R. Kelly show, to get them some therapy, too, so they can process their pain.

“At the end of this, it might be into the hundreds of girls that come out, ultimately. It’s bad.”

Sabrina said she was aware that T.I. and Tiny liked to party with multiple women back when they were friends.

“I knew she would be on the phone all day to different girls facilitating things for the night but I had no idea it had got so dark,” she claimed.

“This has snowballed into something I did not expect.”

Speaking about her alleged talk with law enforcement on Friday, she said: “The main thing is allowing the women to get their stories out. The officers were very helpful and supportive.”

Sabrina said she was friends with the couple before a nasty fight over Tiny's hospitalization in 2009.

She said: “He was in New York, and I was at the hospital with her. I argued with T.I. over the phone about how she had got into her condition.

At a birthday party a few days later in the rapper's home, she said he confronted her.

She alleged: “I fell out with an assistant there, something was said and we had a huge falling out.

“We had to be physically broken up, then T.I. comes busting through the door with a gun. It was a big, silver revolver.

“I was terrified but furious, I dared him to pull the trigger and shouted at him, ‘You’ve pulled a gun on me? B**** do it, b**** do it!’

“I knew it was no environment for anyone to be pulling out a gun so I got out, got into my car and left. I was crying and so upset.

“I did not really understand at the time the magnitude of him holding a gun to my head saying, ‘B**** I’ll kill you’ would have on me, the damage it would do.”

She added: “I told this story this week because I was just tired he was acting for black people, but me knowing the level of victimization he does to people. I just think they [T.I. and his wife] are animals.”

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