Strike: Lethal White's Holliday Grainger reveals she transformed to 'completely different person' for undercover scenes

STRIKE: Lethal White actress Holliday Grainger has opened up on the "bizarre" way she adopted a "completely different" look for character Robin Ellacott.

Holliday, 32, returns as private detective Cormoran Strike's assistant in the four-part mini-series TV adaptation of JK Rowling's books, written under the name Robert Galbraith.

She told The Sun's TV Mag how she would go undercover twice – in the House of Commons due to connections with the wealthy Chiswell family, as well as as part of a left wing anarchist group with links to the Knight relatives.

Revealing how she adapted a new disguise for each – in the space of four episodes – the Manchester-born star said the key was coloured contact lenses.

She explained: "It made such a difference.

"As soon as I put them in my whole face looked different, I Iooked a completely different person. It is really bizarre.

“Changing my hair colour doesn’t make a difference to me at all, I do it all the time, but changing my eye colour is actually really interesting.”

Writer Tom Edge previously said of the gritty plotline and Holliday's undercover scenes: "Here are two ends of the political spectrum at play.

"You have the traditional right, embodied by a Conservative MP, as well as the Knight family, who have ties to the anarchic left."

Meanwhile, for Robin's undercover scenes in the House of Commons, all may not be as it seems.

Show bosses added to TV Mag how the scenes were not in fact shot inside London's iconic political hub of Westminster, but in four different locations.

Director Sue Tully said: "You can’t film in Westminster and also because the place is undergoing renovations its a real problem shooting outside, as it will immediately date it.

"We had to be very careful of the angles filming the exterior.

"But actually the interior, the inside, was filmed over four different locations.

"So from being outside and seeing the interior of the Houses of Parliament, they are all different locations.

"That was a fun challenge.”

Confused viewers told how they "switched off" after being left confused by the twists and turns of the fast-paced thriller at the weekend.

Strike: Lethal White continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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