Stacey Solomon locks Joe Swash out and he's forced to sleep in the SHED and drink from the hose after boozy night out

STACEY Solomon had locked Joe Swash out of the house after he came home from a boozy night out.

The Loose Women star left her other half to sleep in the shed and thirsty Joe said he was forced to drink water from the garden hose – leaving Stacey in hysterics.

But, Stacey said it was a mistake, and that she was startled when she woke to find scruffy Joe banging on the door after believing he had kipped at a friend's house.

Tickled Stacey was cracking up at her distraught fella when she explained the gaffe to her Instagram fans today.

"I just had the shock of my life when I heard banging on the garden door this morning.

"I thought he had stayed out last night because it was the first time he had been out since before lockdown," she said.

Joe protested in the background, shouting "I came home!" and said he had been at his sister's 30th birthday with family and friends.

"I got really dehydrated at 3(am) and sat in the middle of my garden drinking out of a hose. Like a fricking garden ornament."

Stacey later filmed suffering Joe huffing and puffing in the kitchen with a can of orange Tango as his hangover hit him in waves.

He said he felt awful atfter having a terrible night's sleep and frowned at Stacey.

Looking like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, Joe said: "I'd be feeling a lot better if I hadn't slept in the shed.

"I know you locked me outside on purpose."

"No I didn't" Stacey said laughing.

She teased in the caption on her video: "He's so hungover and it's bringing me so much joy.

"Now he's worried what he could have caught from drinking from the hose."

Stacey's fans are convinced that she is pregnant after Mrs Hinch left a comment on her photos on Friday.

Mrs Hinch left a trail of breadcrumbs for fans when she wrote the comment beneath Stacey's post – and included a winking emoji – as Stacey showed off her new Primark baby collection which launches on Monday.

She said: "Can't wait to go baby clothes shopping. (wink)"

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