Stacey Solomon admits she's terrified as she takes night-time stroll in 2.5 acre garden at £1.2m Essex cottage

STACEY Solomon has revealed her fear of walking in her own garden at night as she took a stroll around her acres of Essex land.

The 31-year-old Loose Women panellist filmed herself "in case something jumped out of a bush" as she joked to fans she was being a "chicken".

Posting a video to her Instagram stories, mum-of-three Stacey told her following she was "stretching her legs" after a long drive home.

Yesterday, the star had been involved in a photo shoot for In The Style, with whom she recently released a clothing line with as part of a six figure deal.

"Home sweet home," Stacey said as she celebrated her long day. "I'm just stretching my legs in the garden before I go in as it was a really long drive."

"I just wanted to come on here in case something jumps out of a bush," she added, bursting into nervous laughter and looking scared.

The singer, who recently moved into the 2.5 acre Essex home with her three sons and fiance Joe Swash, wrote: "Being a chicken in my own garden."

"No, I just wanted to come on here to say I hope you're all OK tonight, your messages are just everything honestly," she went on.

"I love you all loads and I'm just going to get to the front door before I finish this so happy Wednesday," she said, running towards her home.

It comes days after Stacey was left screaming in terror as she played hide and seek in the pitch black garden.

She looked terrified as she told fans her sister Gemma and Joe, 39, had forced her into playing the game for Gemma's birthday.

"My sister is making us all play this hide and seek game," she told her Instagram followers as she filmed herself walking around in the dark.

"Joe has to find us and it's actually creeping the life out of me," she added, as she wrote in the caption her fiancee was "creeping her out so much".

Stacey continued to film as she ran away from Joe, 39, shouting at him to "stop" because she "didn't like it".

"Hated the whole experience and lasted about 30 seconds because I needed my phone torch," she wrote alongside the video.

Shortly before the game, Stacey showed off her incredible toilet transformation as makeovers get underway at her new home.

The star moved into the £1.2 million mansion at the end of last month, and couldn't wait to put her crafty skills to work.

DIY goddess Stacey revealed that the first room's makeover was finally complete – starting small with the downstairs toilet.

The nautical-themed new loo has seen the red floor get replaced with chic grey wood, and white wooden slates border the walls.

She has painted the rest of the walls a stunning sea-blue – as well as the window sills.

Stacey has also made a start on renovating many other rooms in the huge home – including their conservatory, and her oldest sons' bedrooms.

The mother-of-three has also set to work on the outdoor pool, with the Essex property sitting on 2.5 acres of land.

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