Spoilers: Shirley vows to destroy Janine and Mick's wedding plans in EastEnders

Shirley (Linda Henry) is not a happy bunny when she finds out about Mick’s (Danny Dyer) plan to marry Janine (Charlie Brooks) in EastEnders.

The cat is let out of the bag by Mick’s ex-wife, Linda (Kellie Bright), when she tells Shirley about the couple’s engagement.

Furious, Shirley refuses to let the event take place, immediately seeking Linda’s advice on how they can stop the wedding.

It is safe to say that Shirley has always preferred Linda to Janine, and often takes pleasure in winding up her son’s new woman by reminding her what a special connection Mick and Linda have always had.

Recently, Mick has been occupied with helping Linda regain custody of her daughter, Annie.

Much to Janine’s disgust, Shirley has been quick to rub this in her face.

Will Linda and Shirley team up to stop the wedding in its tracks?

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