‘Sort it out!’ Charlie Stayt steps in as interview with guest interrupted by Skype call

BBC Breakfast: Interview interrupted as guest receives Skype call

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Charlie, 58, was joined by BBC Breakfast co-star Naga Munchetty, 46, to host the programme and the pair discussed the day’s headlines. Amongst them was the report about a submarine that had gone missing in Indonesia earlier this week and how the hopes of finding the vessel were slim. They were joined by expert and Submarine Institute of Australia Director Frank Owen to discuss the matter by his interview on the BBC was interrupted when someone else wanted to get hold of him.

The journalist began the interview by asking his guest how investigators would know nothing about the submarine’s whereabouts given all the technology it would have on board.

Frank replied: “If a submarine doesn’t want to be heard, it won’t be and they don’t have things to tell people where they are all the time.

“Or otherwise, those who are looking for the submarine in a non-friendly way would also be able to find them.

“So, if they don’t want to be heard, they won’t be,” the expert explained before the next sentence was interrupted by an unexpected Skype call.

“All submarines have what they call an underwater telephone which moderates, when you speak into it, actually then can be revived on another similar sonar underwater telephone,” he continued before the interruption happened.

Clearly flustered by the technical blunder, Frank apologised to the host as he informed him he was getting another Skype call.

Stepping in, Charlie said: “I’ll tell you what Frank, take a moment and sort the dialing noise out, just sort that out.

“Then we will pick up where you left off,” the broadcaster added before the guest was seen trying to rectify the issue.

As he tried to continue, the expert apologised again as he said: “I do beg your pardon with that…it’s London calling.”

Take a moment and sort it out

Charlie Stayt

“You know what happens with them, they’re persistent,” he continued as he tried to make light of the matter.

Picking up where he left off, the expert then explained: “So the submarine doesn’t have an underwater telephone working and this is very, very serious.”

The interview then continued without any more glitches and Charlie thanked the guest for speaking with him.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home reacted to the moment, with one viewer writing: “Just switch your phone off #bbcbreakfast.”

It was been reported that there is little hope for any of the 53 members of the crew to emerge alive from the submarine after days of search for the vessel.

This is due to the fact the oxygen tanks might have run out on the submarine which went missing during a training exercise off the island of Bali.

The vessel was conducting a torpedo drill on Wednesday but has since failed to make any communication with land.

Indonesia’s navy has taken the helm of the investigation and has said the submarine could have lost power during a dive.

Therefore, its emergency procedures could not have been carried out to alert those on land that something was wrong.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has spoken out on the incident, telling the nation: “Our main priority is the safety of the 53 crew members.”

In the televised address, he added: “To the family of the crew members, I can understand your feelings and we are doing our best to save all crew members on board.”

The vessel, known as KRI Nanggala 402, is within its 43rd year of use and was said to be in good condition before entering the waters on Wednesday.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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