Snowpiercer season 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is Snowpiercer series 2 out?

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Snowpiercer is a dystopian drama series which is based on the film of the same name and a French graphic novel series. The show landed on Netflix on May 25, with fans in the US already having had the chance to watch the episodes on TNT. has everything you need to know about the release date, cast, trailer and plot for season 2.

When is Snowpiercer season 2 out?

Snowpiercer season two is definitely on the cards as the producers had already started making headway on the new season before the coronavirus pandemic put an end to production.

Season two is already in the works but there is no indication of when the new series will air just yet.

The new season is likely to air on TNT in America first, with fans in the UK and around the rest of the world able to watch it on Netflix at a later date.

With the coronavirus pandemic still having an impact on production, fans may have to wait a little longer than expected.

The best-case scenario will see season two landing on screens in May 2021, but will update this story when more information comes to light.


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Who is in the cast of Snowpiercer season 2?

Sakina Jaffrey is looking likely to reprise her role as Mrs Headwood in the new season, as is her on-screen husband Damian Young as Mr Headwood.

The scientists make up two of the main characters in the series, and they are very narrow-minded when it comes to their priorities on the train.

Sean Bean will star in season two as a recurring character, but not much is known about his role at the moment.

The star is known for his roles in Medici, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and playing the character of Captain Richard Sharpe.

There has been no mention of whether main characters Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) and Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) will return for another season.

Is there a trailer for Snowpiercer season 2?

Sadly as no release date has been given for the second season, fans will have to wait a bit longer for the trailer.

Netflix usually drops trailers the month before the new season is due to air, so fans may have to wait until next summer.

Fans may even get to see what life is like outside of the huge train, called Snowpiercer, as Annalise Basso who plays L.J. Folger hinted.

She told Radio Times: “I hope one day we’ll be able to take viewers off of the train. And I don’t know if that will happen and what the budget for that would be like, but maybe we could go to Iceland or Greenland or somewhere like that to film the exterior shots, who knows.”

Fans can still view the trailer for the first season which shows Melanie Cavill making one of her daily announcements over the PA system.

Viewers catch a glimpse of the class conflict and power struggles which take place throughout the series.

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What will happen in Snowpiercer season 2?

Snowpiercer is based on the film of the same name which was released in 2013, and French graphic novels from 1982, so there is plenty of source material to work with.

With most of season two already filmed, Basso said there were so many different stories to tell about the passengers on the train.

A new season could focus on an entirely different class of passengers and their struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

There is likely to be plenty more disputes between the different classes and some could end in a brutal way.

Brett Weitz, general manager for TBS and TNT told Deadline: “We believe in the longevity of this series and that audiences will be amazed by the fantastical world that brings to life such relevant social, political and environmental issues.”


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Fans have already taken to Twitter to call for a second season, with one fan saying: “As someone who has watched S1, those 10 episodes were amazing. So glad it’s already renewed for a S2.”

Viewers in the UK and elsewhere outside of America have already been able to watch the first two episodes of the first season, with the remaining eight episodes airing weekly.

Another fan said on Twitter: “The good news is #Snowpiercer had already been renewed for season 2. Bad news is I need to wait until next Sunday for the next episode.”

The series is set in 2021 when the world has become a frozen wasteland, and the Snowpiercer carries the remaining survivors around the globe.

The 1,001-carriage train is the new home of the groups from all kinds of backgrounds, but the must learn to co-exist if they are to carry on surviving.

Snowpiercer is available to watch on Netflix now

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