Snowpiercer fans call out major plot hole with train’s design after entire carriage wiped out by avalanche – The Sun

SNOWPIERCER may be mankind’s last feat of engineering, but fans of the show have already got a list of complaints.

The Netflix dystopian drama sees the last of humanity circling the frozen remnants of Earth in a high-speed train which is organised by a strict class system.

In episode 2, disaster struck as an avalanche slammed into the side of the train, smashing the windows on an agricultural carriage.

The last remaining cows on the planet were wiped out in one fell swoop, which aside from affecting the meat and diary supply, eradicated the train’s source of soil fertiliser.

However, some fans struggled to get their heads around the fragility of the windows which gave way to the disaster.

They took to Reddit to question why a train designed for an sub-zero wasteland would be so easily damaged by snow.

User EveSilver kicked off the debate, asking: "Why are the windows made of glass?

"This really confuses me. When windows in the cattle car broke this seemed like a very poor design choice."

The post received plenty of upvotes and messages of agreement, however one or two did put forward their own explanations.

One user referred to Snowpiercer’s origins and replied to the complaint: "Maybe a very convenient plot device.

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"Because the train was originally built as a luxury cruise line and how else could the fabulously wealthy see the vistas?

"It was only later that the train got retrofitted as the ark."

They also pointed out that the avalanche was an exceptionally the powerful force that no doubt exceeded the boundaries of typical stress testing.

"To be fair though, that was some pretty heavy-duty glass,” they went on.

"A bolt gun only cracked it. It was just bad luck that a full force avalanche slammed into it right afterward.

Viewers were previously horrified by disturbing scenes in which a character's arm was frozen solid before being smashed off with a sledgehammer.

Elsewhere, shocking scenes saw a teenager forced to perform oral sex to procure medicine for their mother.

Snowpiercer is available to watch on Netflix with new episodes released on Mondays. The series airs on TNT in the US.

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