Sister Wives star Christine Brown confirms filming for new season after fans suspect series will be canceled – The Sun

CHRISTINE Brown confirmed Sister Wives has been renewed for a 15th season despite fan speculation that the series was canceled because of the “boring” storyline and shortened episodes.

Kody’s third wife Christine, 48, revealed over social media that filming is underway, as TLC is making it work amid the coronavirus pandemic, All About the Tea reported.

Christine said cameras film the family every other week.

Christine hinted one potential storyline will be her daughter Ysabel’s scoliosis journey.

Ysabel also confirmed the upcoming season over Instagram.

When a fan asked if she underwent spinal surgery, Ysabel responded: “No ma’am but to get updates make sure you watch our show:)))”

Fans suspected the series was canceled because Season 14 of Sister Wives, which follows Kody, 51, and his four wives Meri, 49, Janelle, 50, Christine, 48 and Robyn, 41, premiered in January with hour-long episodes instead of two hours.

When the season ended in April, a Tell All special, which is an update on the family, was not filmed like previous seasons.

Fans also complained about “boring” Season 14, as the main storyline was Kody and Robyn’s disagreement over purchasing or renting a new home.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “I feel like it’s almost certain that the show will be canceled.”

A second said: "I think the novelty of the show has worn off and people want the ‘dirt.’ I want to see more therapy sessions, more inside their lives, more how they live with and without Kody, how they manage their finances. And how having a polygamous family has effected the children's own relationships.

“I don't want a bunch of watching Kody run around and get nothing done. Basically at this point, I'm more interested in the wives than Kody.”

A third viewer said: “The show got boring, because all about moves, nothing about their everyday lives. No honesty either, just a lot of two-faced stuff too.”

A fourth wrote: “I noticed there is no Tell All either. Could this be the end?”

A fifth fan said: “I don't think they'll get renewed.”

But fortunately for fans, season 15 is already shaping up to be an interesting one!

Fans suspect Kody is in quarantine with favorite wife Robyn, as he was spotted with Christine and Meri a handful of times, while he hasn’t been seen with Janelle once.

Meri has also hinted she split from Kody after she posted cryptic quotes on social media and posted without her wedding ring.

Janelle also revealed her skin cancer battle earlier this month.

Season 15 could touch on the Brown family’s mounting financial troubles.

As The Sun exclusively reported, Kody and Robyn applied for a home equity line of credit in the amount of $150,000 on March 20, which was approved.

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