‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Kody ‘Unforgivable’ for Ignoring Crying Gabriel’s Plea for a Closer Relationship

On Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his son, Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Brown, discusses with his father, Kody Brown, how the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown has put a strain on their relationship. However, Sister Wives fans are disappointed by Kody’s blatant lack of caring for his son and call his behavior “unforgivable.”

Gabriel opens up to his father, Kody Brown, about their relationship during COVID

During the Jan 16 episode of Sister Wives, Gabriel confronts his dad for the lack of a relationship. He tells Kody that he finds it unfair that he’s forced to choose between his girlfriend and his father. He says, “Why was I made to make that decision?” Check out the video below (via Instagram):

In the confessional, Janelle Brown says, “My kids look forward to their dad being home. My kids adore their dad. This has all been very hard for them that he’s all of a sudden being so dictatorial about his rules.”

Later in the episode, Gabriel begins to tear up and reveals to Kody that he’s done “two-week quarantines” from his girlfriend so he can see his dad. Instead of taking responsibility for not having a consistent relationship with his son, Kody makes excuses and blames Janelle and Christine.

Gabriel says, “Basically, it’s a blame game.” Kody replies, “Yes, and your mother is the Teflon queen. It bounces off of her onto everybody else.” She says that Janelle was the one that made it so that they couldn’t see each other in the last nine months.

Janelle tells the cameras, “I think Gabriel is just trying so hard to get his dad to get his dad to have a relationship with him again.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans call Kody’s behavior ‘unforgivable’ for ignoring Gabriel’s tearful plea

One fan called Kody’s talk with Gabriel an ‘unforgivable’ parenting moment. The fan commented on a Reddit post, “As a parent (and human), I was appalled at Kody’s behavior toward Gabe on Coyote Pass.”

The continued, “Kody even admits that he knows that Gabe needs loving reassurance in the moment, but he’s “just so angry” that he instead shuts him down, belittles his emotions, and insults his mother before just walking out of the conversation.” They concluded, “What a terrible moment with your father, and how horrible to have it aired on TV with an unrepentant father.”

On Reddit, One fan wrote, “He is so focused on who to blame, yet he’s incapable of realizing he is the one to blame.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans praise Gabriel for confronting Kody

Another fan wrote (via Reddit), “The way Gabe clearly expressed his pain and emotions while Kody got angry and walked away. I applaud this young man.”

Another fan wrote, “Omg, how I wanted to just give him a hug and tell him that his feelings are valid and help him see that his dad is incapable of empathizing with him or seeing anything outside of his own feelings.”

They wrote, “People like Kody don’t change. I hope Gabe is able to walk away from that relationship someday because he will never get what he needs from his father. At least he has many siblings and two other good parents to turn to. It absolutely breaks my heart to see a parent ice-out their child when they’re being vulnerable like this.”

It was heartbreaking to see Gabriel so upset during the conversation with his father. Will Kody and Gabriel’s relationship ever be the same? Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC and discovery+.

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