Shockingly, Tiger King Is Not Netflix's Most-Watched Original In 2020 So Far

As part of Netflix’s new earnings report, the company provided numbers regarding its most popular shows and movies so far in 2020. While the true crime documentary series Tiger King has made headlines and generated a lot of buzz, it was not the platform’s most popular original project so far this year–and that’s by a wide margin.

The Netflix original movie Spenser Confidential, which stars Mark Wahlberg, was seen by 85 million households in its first month, according to Netflix. This compares to 64 million for Tiger King. Netflix’s unscripted dating show Love is Blind was seen by 30 million households, while the Spanish language drama Casa de Papel (Money Heist) was seen by 65 million homes. Another Netflix original show, Season 3 of Ozark, is projected to reach 29 million households over its first four weeks.

These numbers come from Netflix, and they are based on unique reporting principles. If a user watches at least two minutes of a movie, TV show, or original series, it counts as a view.

“Our Q1 slate highlighted the variety of content that people enjoy en masse all over the world on Netflix,” Netflix said in its earnings report.

Netflix also announced that it added a whopping 15.7 million new paid subscribers during the quarter, which is well ahead of expectations. The surge in growth is due to more and more people staying home amid global COVID-19 lockdowns. The uptick in subscriber growth has helped Netflix’s stock price reach new heights.

Most Popular Netflix Content Released In Q1

  1. Spenser Confidential — 85 million
  2. Casa de Papel — 65 million
  3. Tiger King — 64 million
  4. Love Is Blind — 30 million
  5. Ozark Season 3 — 29 million

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