Sexiest TV moments of 2022 – Corries tantric sex plot to Emmerdales hotel bonk

This year, we've seen bucket loads of X-rated content on our TV screens from some of our favourite shows, new and old.

We saw the continuation of Netflix's naughty period drama, Bridgerton, which added sex appeal to the Regency era. Elsewhere, viewers were shocked to see full frontal nudity from Channel 4's documentary My Massive C**k.

From our favourite soaps, the start of a scandalous affair is set to end in tears for Emmerdale's Chas while things – and we mean everything – is looking up for Coronation Street's Tim and Sally Metcalfe as they look to gain more from their sex lives.

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A year filled with some of the sexiest scenes ever in TV has been pulled into a list of the Daily Star's top sexy TV moments.

Bridgerton's raunchy scenes

Season two of Netflix's period drama Bridgerton got off to a slower start than its predecessor. In season one, viewers were subject to a whopping fifteen scenes of sex throughout the eight-episode series.

For season two, viewers were forced to sit through eight episodes of tantalising sexual chemistry between the show's protagonists Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton.

It wasn't until 50 minute mark of episode seven that we saw an exciting sex scene between the couple, who had finally given into their desires for one another.

The scene was praised for flipping the narrative as Antony focuses on pleasuring Kate only.

TV orgasms

Model Cara Delevingne dived into the world of sex for her BBC documentary Planet Sex.

In the show, Cara performed a solo sex act for 10-minutes while have a blood sample taken for an experiment to see the effects of an orgasm. Speaking about the unusual experience, Cara said: "I have had some weird sexual experiences, but this is definitely up there."

Elsewhere in the documentary, Cara went to a sex workshop, in the hopes of feeling "less shame about having a vagina".

Patriotism never looked so good

Amanda Holden wowed Britain's Got Talent viewers with what could easily be her best outfit yet.

A sexy yet patriotic choice, Amanda wore a stunning Jubilee-inspired gown, spangled with a the union jack. The top of the dress showed off her incredible figure, thanks to it's corseted shape.

Before her extraordinary entrance to the live show, Amanda had several photoshoots done at some of London's landmarks.

She showed off the raunchy thigh split, backless detail and bejewelled straps as she posed in front of the House of Parliament and Piccadilly Circus.

Corrie's sexplorers

Following his triple heart bypass, Coronation Street resident Tim Metcalfe had been suffering with incompetence, and things got worse when he was caught by wife Sally Metcalfe watching porn.

In a bid to spice up their sex lives, Tim and Sally explore a variety of saucy options, including role-playing, which saw Sally become Corrie's first ever naughty nurse, and tantric sex.

Actress Sally Dynevor previously urged people to talk more about sex and hopes Tim and Sally's storyline will encourage those conversations.

She said: "I’m very happy doing it, but it’s not something we’ve done before. It seems quite controversial. I’m hoping people do reach out to me about the storyline. With my friends we talk about the menopause, but never about those other things."

Whopping displays

Channel 4 viewers were left gobsmacked after watching the channel's new documentary My Massive C**k.

As the title says, the show introduced us the various British men with above-average sized penises. To top it off, they showed full frontal shots of the penises from all angles.

Some featured discussed the difficulties their large manhood had on their lives, whereas others embraced it, even making millions from their 'blessings'.

Emmerdale hotel tryst

In a shocking twist of events, Emmerdale power couple Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk have hit a rough patch after Chas fell for the Al Chapman's charm.

Chas's dying mother Faith bought her a luxurious spa trip and she chose to take her lover, Al so they could celebrate having secretly bought a house together. The pair enjoyed a steamy hot tub session before retiring to their lavish room in matching white bathrobes.

After the couple enjoyed their evening of 'fun', Chas discovered multiple missed calls from Paddy who had been trying to reach her to let her know Faith had passed – all while she'd been frolicking on her secret rendezvous.

Saucy slip-ups

Fans were convinced HBO Max had made a massive error when Theo James penis seemingly 'dropped' out during a scene of The White Lotus.

The second season introduced Theo as wealthy businessman Cameron Babcock who quickly gets comfortable with the show's protagonist Harper Spiller played by Aubrey Plaza when he strips naked to change into a pair of swimming trunks.

Theo's bottom is on full display and his 'penis' flops for viewers and Harper to see.

Shockingly, the original scene was much more graphic according to the actor. "The initial version we shot was way too much,' he explained. "So, we did a more subtle version. They toned it [down]."

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