'Selling Sunset': Christine Quinn Says the Netflix Series 'Did Her Dirty' in Season 1

In 2019, the world was introduced to Selling Sunset and the Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage run by Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Real estate is a cutthroat industry — especially when you’re selling multi-million dollar homes off Sunset Boulevard. But for Christine Quinn, real estate wasn’t always the goal. Find out what the Selling Sunset star was doing before she got into real estate and the shock she experienced after season 1 of the Netflix series.  

Christine Quinn is ‘Selling Sunset’s villain 

Since season 1, it was clear to fans Quinn was “Queen Bee” of the Oppenheim Group. As someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, Quinn’s big personality was often overwhelming for the other women in the brokerage — especially newcomer Chrishell Stause. 

Ironically, Quinn said she was surprised she got the villain edit on Selling Sunset

‘Selling Sunset’s first season surprised Christine Quinn

“As I was watching season 1, there were a lot of surprises,” Quinn told Nylon in May 2020. “There were a lot of fed lines. I was really, really surprised going back watching things because they really did me dirty.”

Quinn said she received letters and death threats because of the way she came off in season 1.

“There were certain things the editors promised they wouldn’t put in, like the dementia comment,” Quinn added, reflecting on what she said about Stause.

That’s just how I talk. I have a sense of humor. I’m not used to being on television like this.

There were certain things where I had trust in production, but they didn’t have our backs. I was really surprised seeing the way they portrayed me.

Christine Quinn entertains the masses with her villainy

Now, Quinn is more careful about what she says when cameras are around. In this way, she’s able to own her title as Selling Sunset‘s villain. She’s proud of it, mostly because she knows her villainy is what has made the show so watchable. 

“I went into the first season thinking the show was about real estate, but now I realize it wasn’t,” Quinn said during her interview. “It’s about how you can entertain people. I didn’t really worry about real estate in season 2; I was just like, ‘I’m going to be myself, dress fabulous, and be funny.’ That’s all people are going to remember, and it’s just so much better.”

Christine Quinn has a background in acting

During an interview with The Guardian, Quinn talked about her training before becoming a successful real estate agent. 

“I come with a background in acting – I’m classically trained and I’m f*cking funny,” Quinn said. According to her IMDb page, Quinn has several other acting credits outside of her role on Selling Sunset. Quinn was in films like Shark Night and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. She has also starred in television series like NCIS: Los Angeles and Ballers

Quinn’s background in acting has given her the ability to play up the villain role on the show. “I thought that people were going to realize that [Selling Sunset] is a show and I’m giving them a show!” she added.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand what Quinn is really doing. She mentioned how some castmates and fans on social media seemed to be out of the loop on her over-the-top persona. 

“Like, the scenes cut and the cast are like, ‘Hey, girl, you good? That was funny. Good one!’” she said of her co-workers. “For me, I felt like I was the only one who was in on the joke.”

Some ‘Selling Sunset’ fans are ‘miserable’ toward Christine Quinn on social media 

Quinn hadn’t been on social media before the show. She joined Instagram for the first time after Selling Sunset Season 1 debuted — something that was hard for her because some viewers didn’t understand the role she plays on the show is an act. She is professionally trained, after all. 

“I’m not gonna lie — social media was a weird reality check of how bored and miserable people are,” Quinn said. “You just have to give them love. That’s what I started doing – I just continue to do my thing and I notice it gets better and better.”

Though season 4 of Selling Sunset has yet to be confirmed, fans can’t wait to see more from Quinn and the Oppenheim Group. 

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