Scarlett Moffatt says 24-hour split with boyfriend Scott Dobinson was over stress of moving into ‘dream home’

SCARLETT Moffatt and boyfriend Scott Dobinson hinted their stressful home move was behind their 24-hour split.

The couple reunited last night just a day after their shock separation.

The pair have been documenting the creation of their dream forever home in Bishop Auckland.

But while the property is taking shape and looking good, it has been far from easy.

Filming herself laying in bed with Scott this morning, Scarlett said: "For anybody moving house, I think I speak on behalf of me and Scott, it's very stressful. It is very stressful.

"I never thought it would be this stressful. I thought it would be fun. I do like the decorating part but the actual getting a house sorted and DIY and all that stuff isn't the best, but if anybody ever needs any tips on how to stay calm whilst moving…"

Scott then chipped in "don't ask us," causing them both to laugh.

Last night Scarlett, 30, looked cosy as she laid on the sofa next to Scott, 36.

The former Gogglebox star posted about their shock split on Instagram late on Sunday night but deleted the post after a few seconds.

She told fans that the pair were no longer together, adding: "Nothing major has happened, it's just one of those sad things."

However, the pair looked romantic as Scott appeared to rest his hands on Scarlett's feet as she stayed warm under a fluffy grey blanket on Monday night.

Together, the former couple had tuned in to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's highly anticipated interview with talkshow host Oprah.

"I think what people should be is kind," she told her fans, as Scott held up a thumbs-up in support in the background.

Friends of the couple had confirmed the split saying that Scarlett was "heartbroken" the relationship had ended.

A source added: “Scarlett is heartbroken that her relationship with Scott has come to an end. They’ve had a rough few weeks and lately it’s all become too much.

“Together they have decided to take time apart and Scarlett has told people it is over for good. Scott and Scarlett were very amicable, it’s just a shame.

“Everyone who knows them hope they can work it out as they make such a great couple.”

After their split, Scarlett removed Scott’s Instagram account from their joint property profile.

Both had unfollowed each other on the social media app – but Scarlett is now back following Scott and has re-instated their photos to her profile.

Scott and Scarlett started dating in 2019 when the police officer responded to an emergency call about a stranger outside her home.

Scarlett, who had already known Scott "for years", was delighted to see the 36-year-old constable after he was sent to her home while on the beat.

She told The Mirror: "Scott came to the house. My friend was in the house with me at the time and I was like, 'He's so fit, I really fancy him'."

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