Saturday Kitchen viewers in stitches as guest falls off a chair live on TV

Saturday Kitchen viewers were left in hysterics today as guest chef Alison Roman misjudged where she was sitting and fell on the floor.

The 37 year old chef, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, had just demonstrated how viewers at-home can make a raspberry ricotta cake and raspberry and sour cream dessert, when she took the desserts over to the table for the other chefs to enjoy.

Unfortunately, as she went to sit next to the others at the table, she massively misjudged where her chair was and ended up trying to sit on a wine table – and promptly fell on the floor.

"That is not a chair!" she exclaimed as she rushed to her feet. "Did you just sit on the wine table?" host Matt Tebutt asked, doing his best to hold back a chuckle.

"I did!" Alison said. "We didn't do that in rehearsal! [I'm] never coming back to London ever again!" "Give her a drink, quick," joked Matt.

Viewers have dubbed the episode, which aired on Saturday 15 April on BBC One, as the "funniest" ever.

Viewer Katie Arnstein said: "Alison Roman on Saturday Kitchen was was the ultimate chef's kiss. She is a marvel. And chairs are overrated!" while viewer Malcolm McEwan said: "Hope Alison Roman is OK."

"Absolutely brilliant show! Watching Hels trying not to giggle was hilarious," added viewer Catherine Street, while another amused viewer said: "OMFGGGGGG! Poor ⁦Alison Roman fell on her arse on ⁦Saturday Kitchen – instantly iconic!!!"

It's certainly not the first time viewers have been left choking back tears of laughter after a guest chef's behaviour on Saturday Kitchen. Last month, viewers were in hysterics after guest chef Poppy O'Toole accidentally used an X-rated word in conversation with host Matt, instead of a completely normal word.

Discussing how lucky she'd been to amass millions of TikTok followers, she told Matt that her followers came "on a q**m," which is a rude word for women's genitalia, rather than the correct phrase "on a whim".

"[It was at] the beginning of lockdown, it worked out very well, what a silver lining!" she said. "I know, I'm very very lucky that that happened and it worked out, because it couldn't have."

She continued: "And it was just a little bit on a q**m… On a q**m? Is that the right word?"

A flustered Matt then stepped in to correct her, before Poppy almost realised her mistake and said: "No, not a q**m. What's a q**m?" before Matt said awkwardly: "Anyway, moving on."


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