Saturday Kitchen fans distracted by Robson Greens accent

Robson Green says ‘don’t kill a fish you’re not going to eat’

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In the latest episode, actor Robson Green joined Matt Tebbutt and the team to sample dishes and chat about upcoming projects. However, Saturday Kitchen and Robson fans were left scratching their heads as several pointed out the 58-year-old’s accent had “changed” during the BBC weekend show.

The Northumberland-born actor chatted with Matt about his upcoming TV appearances, but viewers were distracted by the way he spoke.

“It’s your first time on the show,” Matt pointed out, to which Robson replied: “I know!”

“You’ve been kicking around a while, why haven’t you been here?” The host joked.

“I grew up following cooking shows, I love them as I mentioned before,” the actor stated.

He went on: “It’s great to be surrounded by a gathering of chefs!”

“What is that collective noun?” Matt asked, to which the actor responded: “Temperance.”

“Is that true?” Matt quizzed before regular Olly Smith asked: “What do you mean, ‘it is true?'”

“Yeah, I lied,” Robson quipped, adding: “I am a pathological liar!”

“I didn’t know that, I was expecting you to say something really rude,” Matt laughed.

“What is it for zebras? A dazzle,” Robson continued. “Crow – a murder.”

The group went on to discuss Robson’s new show, Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes.

However, viewers were baffled by Robson’s voice, and took to social media to question it.

Twitter user @kazzwoody posted: “Robson Green’s accent has gone AWOL @SaturdayKitchen #missinginaction.”

@Albedo10002 penned: “#SaturdayKitchen what happened to the geordie bloke’s accent? He used to sound great. Did British classism steal his soul?”

“Where’s his geordie accent gone? #saturdaykitchen,” @Itt39354118 asked.

@milopk_ wrote: “Lost his accent, hasn’t he? #SaturdayKitchen.”

@Susanne30308556 shared: “Which accent will Robson be using today I wonder. #SaturdayKitchen.”

Others expressed their delight at Robson’s appearance, with many hoping he would receive his “food heaven”.

@Itt39354118 commented: “Got to give Robson food heaven! #saturdaykitchen.”

Saturday Kitchen airs weekly from 10am on BBC One.

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