Sally Rooney's 'Normal People' Comes to Hulu: Watch the Trailer

Hulu has released the official trailer for Normal People, a new drama series based on the bestselling novel by Sally Rooney. All 12 episodes of the series will premiere Wednesday, April 29th.

The story follows the tender but fraught romance between Marianne and Connell, from their teenage school days in a small Irish town to their undergraduate years at Trinity College. Connell is well-liked and popular, but comes from a working-class family, while Marianne has grown up with wealth all her life, but remains a social outcast at school, known for her aloof temperament; her family employs Connell’s mother to clean their house.

“We hook up secretly,” Marianne tells a friend in the trailer. “Like some kind of game.”

The couple’s relationship blooms in secret, away from the prying and judgmental eyes of their school peers in their hometown. But dynamics change when the two arrive at Trinity in Dublin and Marianne finds her footing within a new social circle, pairing up with a boyfriend who’s “more in line with her social class,” to Connell’s dismay.

The series stars Daisy Edgar-Jones, as Marianne, and Paul Mescal, in his first television role, as Connell. Lenny Abrahamson (Room, Frank) and Hettie McDonald directed the series.

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