Ryan Reynolds Had A Hilarious Response When Asked About Watching Green Lantern

Everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth, Ryan Reynolds is not a fan of his disastrous Green Lantern movie, and there’s no secret about it. It was his first leading role in superhero spandex before eventually finding success with Deadpool. One fan decided to test this anyway, asking the actor whether it was worth ticking the movie off his bucket list for the low rental price of $0.99 on Apple TV. Reynolds answer was simple:

Some movies are so bad they’re good, while others are just painful. For Reynolds at least, Green Lantern lands firmly in the latter category, so much so that it became a running joke when he finally was able to make the Deadpool films he was passionate about.

For a lot of people, Green Lantern was just a bad adaptation of a beloved character, but for Reynolds it was a low point in his career. He’s previously spoken about the film’s impact on his work, saying, “I represented the death of the superhero for a while. After Green Lantern, I was pretty much unhirable.”

Playing Deadpool very much worked out for Reynolds, which was less of a lucky chance and more of a concerted effort by the actor to turn his dreams into reality.

You may have to pay a few dollars more to stream Deadpool or Deadpool 2, but ultimately it’ll be a much better use of your time than 2011’s Green Lantern.

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