Run’s Domhall Gleeson was blown away by ‘incredible’ script as he makes TV return with Phoebe Waller-Bridge – The Sun

MOVIE actor Domhnall Gleeson has admitted he couldn’t turn down the chance to star in Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “incredible” new TV project.

Gleeson, who’s starred in film franchises Harry Potter and Star Wars, will make a rare television appearance when he debuts tomorrow night in new comedy series Run.

Created by Vicky Jones and executive produced by Waller-Bridge, the show features Gleeson in the lead male role of ‘awful anti-hero’ Billy Johnson alongside Unbelievable’s Merritt Wever as his ex-girlfriend Ruby Richardson.

Speaking ahead of the UK launch of the show on Sky Comedy with NOW TV, the 36-year-old Irish actor told “I hadn’t really thought about doing TV because I love movies, love the way they work and love the story being over in 90 minutes – I’m aware I’m in the minority on that!

“But I said, ‘OK, I’ll read the script anyway’. It was just incredible. 

“I was already a massive fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Vicky Jones, so I went to meet them about it and liked what they had to say about how the rest of the show would unfold.

“The chance to work with those brilliant people on something so funny, fresh and exciting was too good to pass up.”

The plot focuses on how the former couple made a vow that if either of them texted "run" and received the same in reply, they would drop everything to travel across the USA together. 

Gleeson – who is son of legendary thespian Brendan – said it was the unlikely romance with Ruby which most appealed to him.

He said: “The love of your life that you don’t see any more, then are suddenly reunited with – that’s always been a big theme in drama and storytelling.

“It’s a very potent thing, especially when it’s your first love as well. That adds a whole extra layer. 

“It’s a beautiful and interesting thing to talk about, no matter what age you are.

“Those realisations and conversations about shared experiences between Billy and Ruby are really lovely and they tell you a lot in the midst of this chaotic story. 

“It explores their relationship in a really cool way. It [is] about love and it had endless possibilities.”

The comments come after Gleeson lifted the lid on his lying life coach character, who he admitted had some 'awful' tendencies.

Run premieres Wednesday, April 15 on Sky Comedy with NOW TV.

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