Rock Salt Releasing Acquires ‘Dollhouse’ Animated Film

Rock Salt Releasing has picked up the animated satirical film, Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture, and will launch international sales at the 2020 online Cannes Film Festival, as well as releasee the film in the U.S. in August.

From writer-director-producer Nicole Brending, the pic is in the bubble gum pop world of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and told by entertainment reporters, Junie Spoon’s pop star story runs the gamut: from losing her virginity in a sex tape, to 24-hour marriages to a Patty-Hearst style kidnapping and bank heist, to the murder of her mother. The stylized puppets reveal the hypocrisies of an opportunistic society that preys on the talents and contributions of women.

The film stars Aneikit Bonnel (Grosse Pointe Blank), Erik Hoover (The Stranger), Peter Ooley (The Life of Riley), Adam Sly, and Sydney Bonar.

“My fiancé laughed harder than I did,” said Daisy Hamilton, CEO of Rock Salt Releasing, “It’s not a feminist puff piece – its vulgar, unapologetic, and equals in opportunity to take down our disgustingly disposable society. I am very excited to align the Rock Salt brand with Brending’s highbrow sense of humor and penetrating perspectives.”

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