Riviera viewers slam 'ludicrous' season 3 and complain that Sky drama 'should've been cancelled by now'

RIVIERA viewers have slammed 'ludicrous' season 3 and complained that the Sky drama 'should've been cancelled by now'.

The Sky Atlantic drama stars Julia Stiles as Georgina, who swaps her surname from Clios to Ryland as she teams up with newcomer Gabriel Hirsch (Rupert Graves).

While season three has featured glamorous locations and costumes as well as guns and chase sequences, viewers have been left seriously unimpressed.

Taking to Twitter, one disgruntled viewer wrote: "So disappointed in Series 3 #Riviera the plot had absolutely no basis. First 2 series were brilliant, glam, gritty.

"This all seemed pointless from the start. Where’s the conclusion to Series 2 never explained."

Another tweeted: "I love Julia Stiles but #Riviera one of those tv shows that should have ended after the first series. They don’t know when to give up!"

A third added: "What do you think of Riviera Series 3? I think it’s completely jumped the shark.

"Apart from the art connection at the start – there’s no way these people would have got involved any further in a plot which isn’t even in the #Riviera!"

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "The locations are amazing but the plot is ludicrous."

Rupert, 57, previously opened up about what drew him to the show, saying: "I'd never seen a show about the super-wealthy, that was done in this way, which I found interesting because I found it dreamy and quite hallucinogenic and… not aspirational, but if you aspire to be like these people, good luck to you!

"I found it dysfunctional and interesting. And I found the mystery of who Georgina is, and why she does what she does, really, really involving.

"So yeah, it was that really – and getting to work with Julia too."

Riviera airs on Sky Atlantic

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