Riverdale season 4 spoilers: Will Cheryl discover Archie and Betty’s affair?

Riverdale was away from our screens for about one month on a pre-planned hiatus. Thankfully though, the Netflix and The CW teen drama returned with a bang last week (Thursday, April 16) with its musical episode dedicated to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. But fans were left distracted as something else – which had been long anticipated – was going on.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Riverdale season 4.

Before Riverdale went on a break, Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) came out of hiding after pretending to be dead, so he could figure out the Stonewall Prep students’ plan and what teacher Francis Dupont (Malcolm Stewart) had to do with it.
In The Locked Room, the mysteries were solved with a little help from his girlfriend Betty (Lili Reinhart), Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes).
However, there was an even bigger storyline coming during the musical episode.


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To try and convince everyone Jughead was actually dead, Betty and Archie pretended to be a couple and when Stonewall Prep’s Donna Sweett (Sarah Desjardins) believed she was going to find Jughead in the bunker, she actually caught Betty and Archie kissing.
Both Jughead and Veronica were fully aware of the plan and had complete trust in their partners.
However, their faith was clearly misplaced after both of the couples had a fight, Betty and Archie kissed for real this time while singing Origins of Love from the cult classic musical.
Their secret has so far stayed hidden but it is only time before someone finds out the truth.

Will Cheryl be the one to discover Archie and Betty’s affair?

When Betty and Archie faked a secret kiss in the music room to convince everyone she had moved on from Jughead, Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) was the one who spotted them.
Cheryl even took incriminating pictures of them and sent the evidence around the school so Veronica could “find out”.
Everything was cleared up though when Jughead revealed himself to be alive and he went back with Betty and Archie with Veronica.
However, Cheryl was not so sure about the “fake kiss”.

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Later on in the episode, Betty and Cheryl spoke in the hallway about what happened.
Confronting Betty, she said: “What about you and Archie canoodling?”
To which she replies: “Yeah, that was just pretend.”
Cheryl continued: “I don’t know cousin, that looked pretty real to me.”
Looking defensive over the subject, Betty said: “Yeah that was the point.”
Cheryl then ended the conversation with: “Right. All I’m saying is your secret’s safe with me.”, before walking away.


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This wasn’t the first time Cheryl has caught the pair kissing. In season two, episode nine when Betty and Jughead had temporarily broken up, she was just about to take on the Black Hood (Lochlyn Munro) with Archie.
But moments before going to meet the serial killer, the pair had a “scared for my life” kiss which Cheryl also later admitted she saw.
Seeing as Cheryl seems to be the only one who is aware of the obvious chemistry between the two, could she find out the childhood friends kissed again?
She told Betty her secret was safe with her but had at this point, the cheerleader had already shared a picture of her kissing Archie which Cheryl thought was real.
So if the redhead does find out, could she betray her cousin and tell business partner Veronica?
Riverdale season 4 continues on Thursday, April 30, on Netflix.

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