Ricky Gervais reveals older brother Rob beat up stranger who brutally kicked his dog in the park

RICKY Gervais has revealed his older brother Bob beat up someone for a kicking his dog.

The comic recalled a moment from the past on TalkRADIO with Kevin O'Sullivan, which he says taught him "life lessons".

"My brother is ten years older than me and was in 40s at the time with young kids," said Ricky.

"They came running into mum's house and said 'nan, nan, daddy's just punched a man in the face and knocked him over in the park'.

"My mum was horrified.

"My brother Bob came in, she went 'did you just beat up a man in the park?'

"And my brother went 'yeah, he kicked the dog' and she just said 'oh alright'."

Ricky burst out laughing at thought of his mum not questioning him further – because the dog had been hurt.

Despite joking he's spent lockdown living like he's in "retirement", Ricky has been hard at work writing the third series of his hit Netflix show After Life.

The comic delighted fans with the news he will write another series of the dark comedy – but says this will be the last.

Ricky added: "I'm halfway through. I'm really excited about it. It's going to be the last one, so I'm putting everything into it."

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