Ricky Gervais explains After Life 2's heartbreaking final scene & Tony's future

*** Warning: After Life season 2 spoilers ahead ***

Ricky Gervais has opened up about the final scene of After Life 2, and what that means for Tony going forward.

The smash-hit Netflix series has been leaving viewers both heartbroken and warmed with its unique tale on grief and loss through the eyes of Gervais’s character Tony, who is still suffering after losing his wife.

In a new heartbreaking twist, Tony’s life was derailed once again with the expected, but no less devastating, death of his father, Ray (David Bradbury).

Struggling with knowing how to deal with it, and despite his friends offering him help as best they can, he decides a new attempt to take his own life.

In the gut-punching final moments of the show, he prepares to overdose on sleeping pills and alcohol, even though his dog desperately barks at him in an attempt to stop it.


Thankfully, due to pure chance, Emma (Ashley Jensen) calls by after admitting she had developed feelings for him, and putting his pills in his pocket, the door closed on them on a more positive note.

But with such a horrific thought hanging over him, and the memory of his late wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) floating over him, Ricky explained why it had to end on a such a sombre, and unknown, note.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, he said: ‘I don’t like things, to tie them in a bow and just, turning to the camera and going, “and the answer is…” I don’t like doing that, I never have.

‘I’ve never liked it in even rom-coms. They kiss and it’s the end, they live happily ever after. Did they? Because that doesn’t usually happen, that’s not that’s not that’s not statistically true, just because it’s George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer.

‘Let’s come back in a year and see them arguing! You know?’

‘People thought that he was better at the end of one,’ Ricky continued. ‘Why? Because he had a little bit of joy that someone asked him out on the day, made it feel better for a minute? Is he over depression? Is he over his mental illness his anxiety, his grief?

‘No, he’s not, he’s just trying different ways to cope with it so it’s gotta be ambiguous because we don’t know, it’s up and down.’

‘Someone doesn’t say, do you know what, I’m better today and I’ll never be bad again. Bye,’ Ricky said.

‘That doesn’t happen. We’ve all got problems and they recur or we suppress them or we get over someone and another one pops up.’

On the final moment, the creator added: ‘I want it to be, it’s a little victory. He might be okay. There might be a third series, but if not, don’t worry about it.’

Calls for a third season have already made their way online, with the six-episode series clocking in at just two hours long, and therefore bingeable over one evening.

Ricky has said that he hasn’t ruled out the show’s return for another outing, breaking his longheld ‘two seasons and a special’ rule – but he admitted he was hesitant to do so unless fans truly demanded it.

‘It’s a really daunting task, a third series,’ Ricky admitted. ‘Particularly when you put all your eggs in one basket.

‘You put everything into everything you do and you burn bridges and you work yourself into corners, because it was right at the time.

‘So it’s really got to be wanted.’

After Life season 2 is available now on Netflix.

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