RHONJ star Margaret Josephs calls nemesis Danielle Staub a ‘virus’ and hopes costars will be ‘kinder’ after pandemic – The Sun

REAL Housewives of New Jersey's Margaret Josephs called her nemesis, Danielle Staub, a 'virus' before hoping that the housewives are kinder to each other in the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, fans have no idea when they might get to watch season 11 as filming was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 53-year-old reality TV star talked to Daily Mail TV about what she really thinks of the ex-housewife, who was kicked out of RHONJ after she attacked Danielle.

She said: "She will not be back next season. As far as I was concerned she was the virus on our show that we got rid of.

"In all seriousness, I only wish her good things. Obviously, you know, for it to go that direction … we were suffering.

"She’ll move on with her life and reality TV, you know, is not for everybody at a certain point."

The two housewives used to be best friends until things soured between them in the show's last couple of months.

The two sealed their fate as enemies when Margaret first poured her drink all over Danielle, which prompted the ex-housewife to dump all of Danielle's things into a candle.

She then attacked her ex-best friend and tugged on her hair – something she was urged to do by fellow housewife Teresa Guidice.

Despite her comment about Danielle, Margaret wished the housewives were on better terms for the new season.

She told DailyMailTV: "With the girls, I'm hoping, you know, we might be a little kinder to each other, maybe a little more patient."

She added: "I mean if we were all quarantined together that would have been a show, that would have been amazing.

"If we would have been livestreaming all the New Jersey Housewives together, how fabulous!"

Despite her wishes, the cast and crew are doing their best to stay isolated from each other amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially after Jennifer Aydin tested positive for the virus.

Jennifer told her followers on social media: “I’ve been sick for the past 10 days and Monday I got my test results back and it turns out I’m positive for COVID-19.

"My symptoms started last week on Monday where I felt extreme fatigue but no fever.

"And I was asking Bill to bring home a test for me but he was reluctant at first because I didn’t have the normal symptoms like a fever or a heavy cough.

"By day two or three, I think it was Tuesday, I insisted he bring home a test. And he stuck it up my nose and sent it to the lab and sure enough I got the results that I’m positive.

"So I’ve been doing better now which is why I’m checking in. There were a few rough days where I was extremely tired and sleeping a lot."

Although Jennifer said she had "no breathing problems," she also added her illness began with a "very dense headache" and "extreme, extreme night sweats."

The RHONJ star also lost her "sense of taste and smell" but is on the mend and said she "feels better today" and is headed in the "right direction."

Bravo boss, Andy Cohen, also came down with the virus but has since recovered completely.

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