'RHOD': Stephanie Hollman Slams Brandi Redmond Exit Rumors Over Husband's Alleged Affair

Brandi Redmond of The Real Housewives of Dallas shocked fans when she made an Instagram post over the weekend. The Bravo star seemingly announced her exit from the reality series after five years as a housewife. Although Redmond’s future on the show is not certain, there are rumors she was quitting due to her husband having an affair. Stephanie Hollman is now coming out and slamming those reports.

Did Brandi Redmond quit ‘RHOD’ Season 5?

Redmond has been on RHOD since the first season and is one of the breakout stars. Her life has been documented in front of the Bravo cameras for five seasons and fans have witnessed the ups and downs. Over the weekend, the former Cowboys cheerleader shared an Instagram post that seemingly was an announcement that she had quit the series.

“Today I pray that life brings each of you happiness and in prayer, John 10:28 kept calling me,” Redmond wrote on Instagram.

The reality TV personality didn’t specify what she was talking about with clarity but she did talk about setting herself free.

“I prayed that the baggage of mistakes, feeling rejected, used and unworthy are no longer tied to anyone’s soul. I’m choosing to set myself free and lean into Jesus and I pray you’ll join me if you too have these desires,” she continued. “We are worth happiness, grace, love, compassion and so much more. Stay strong and believe in yourself [because] God always believes in you and is with you.”

However, it was the last part of her message that left fans perplexed. Redmonds talks about things coming to an end after thanking her followers for being a part of her journey.

“I also want to thank you all for being a part of my journey these past few years,” she said. “I have loved sharing my life with you but sometimes things come to an end. The best kind of ends are [a] happy ending and I choose happiness. Sending you all my love and prayers.”

Stephanie Hollman slams the rumors about Brandi Redmond

In the aftermath of Redmond’s Instagram post, numerous Bravo-dedicated blogs started speculating about the reason the redhead was possibly exiting RHOD. One blog, in particular, mentioned a “blind item” from an undisclosed website that suggests Redmond’s adopted son was born from an affair her husband had. The disturbing claim was seen by Hollman who fired back at those rumors.

“I can confirm that this is 100 percent NOT TRUE,” Hollman replied to the Instagram post. “These types of far-fetched rumors can really hurt people and destroy families. This girl has been through hell and back this past year.”

Hollman recalled that Redmond has had a tough year after her mother-in-law died in a car accident that her daughter was also in.

“Being there for her injured daughter after the accident while holding it together for her husband and children, the unexpected news of a pregnancy and now being a mom of 4 with a newborn trying to juggle filming… It’s a lot of anyone to take,” Hollman added. “Bryan is a good man and loves his family very much. They don’t deserve the stuff I have seen online today.”

“Anyone pushing the narrative that her adopted son was born from her husband having an affair on her is false, insane, and would be hurtful to anyone,” Hollman fired back. “If it were true, then she would be honest about it because she would have nothing to hide, but it’s untrue.”

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