'RHOBH': Lisa Rinna Claims Everyone 'Takes A Hit' In Season 10, Not Just Denise Richards

Lisa Rinna is looking forward to drama-filled season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Denise Richards’ ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville has been all the rage the past few months, yet Rinna says that “everyone takes a hit” in season 10, not just Richards. With the premiere of RHOBH only a few weeks away, here is everything Rinna had to say about the new season.

Denise Richards finds herself in the middle of the drama

Bravo recently dropped the official trailer for season 10 of RHOBH.Richards’ feud with Glanville takes center stage in the clip, with the rest ofthe cast members picking a side in the drama.

“She’s not who she pretends to be,” Glanville states inthe trailer, while Richards later says, “I don’t deserve this. That is ahuge thing to f–king say.”

Rumors about Richards and Glanville have been circulating for months. Most of the RHOBH cast is against Richards, who they believe is lying about her affair with Glanville.

Although the feud will be one of the main storylines in season10, Rinna cautioned fans that Richards’ affair is not the only source of drama.According to AllAbout The Real Housewives, Lisa Rinna opened up about the new seasonon Danny Pellegrino’s podcast, Everything Iconic, and revealed that shefound herself in the “hot seat” when filming first got underway.

“I think that’s a really easy way for people to go when they’rein the hot seat, and I don’t think it’s necessarily fair because we’ve all beenin the hot seat. God knows if you look back on my season in the beginning … Isat in that hot seat for a long time,” Rinna explained.

Richards and Rinna are joining returning cast members Erika Jayne (Girardi), Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley for what looks like a drama-filled season 10.

Lisa Rinna says season 10 of RHOBH will be more authentic

In the interview, Pellegrinonoted that many viewers have called for RHOBH to be more authentic.Specifically, fans would love to see the show explore some of the real-lifeissues the cast faces, including some recent lawsuits.

The podcast host added that previous seasons of RHOBHoffered fans a behind-the-scenes look at the cast members, something that Bravohas ditched over the past few years.

In response, Lisa Rinna assured fans that season 10 of RHOBH will be more authentic than ever before. The reality star revealed that everyone was “more open” and “honest,” in front of the cameras, which should satisfy viewers.

“Yeah, I think we’ve done a really great season is what I cantell you,” Rinna shared. “And I think that … everyone is more openand maybe more honest than they’ve been in the past. So I think that’s greatbecause I think it’s all about being vulnerable and open and honest. I thinkthat’s what the audience wants to see.”

While it is easy to concentrate on all the drama surroundingRichards, Rinna also noted that she is not the only one drumming up the dramathis season.

Lisa Rinna says everyone “takes a hit” in season 10

Without giving away too much, Rinna told Pellegrino that Richards’ beef withGlanville is not the only sticking point in season 10 of RHOBH. In fact,Rinna assured the host that the entire cast “takes a hit” this year,starting with herself.

“I think it’s gonna be a really good season is what I cantell you. It’s cringe-worthy on many levels, for everybody. Everyone’s gonnatake a hit — everyone. How about that, I can share that with you,we’re all gonna take a hit,” Rinna admitted.

Unfortunately, Lisa Rinna did not reveal any further details about her own drama this season, though the trailer offers some hints about what happened. Aside from the main cast, season 10 will feature some returning stars, including Camille Grammer, Glanville, Adrienne Maloof, Eileen Davidson, and Kim Richards.

In the clip, Rinna is shown butting heads with Grammer. At onepoint, she tells Grammer, “You were an asshole on Twitter,” whichdidn’t seem to go over well.

Lisa Rinna also confronts Richards about sending her a cease anddesist in the trailer. After Richards asked who she heard that from, Rinnasays, “Oh, you’re so angry.”

Fans can catch Lisa Rinna when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off season 10 on April 15.

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