RHOA’s Porsha Williams celebrates 39th birthday in plunging leopard swimsuit on break from Black Lives Matter protests – The Sun

PORSHA Williams celebrated her birthday in a big way as she took a break from attending the Black Lives Matter protests.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Instagram to share photos of herself ringing in her 39th birthday with some loved ones, all while putting a pause on her activist work.

She captioned: "Best birthday everrrr! Love my babies!"

The reality TV star then tagged her friend Shamea Morton, as well her sister, Lauren Williams.

Porsha continued: "Thank you for celebrating with me.

"Big thank you to everyone for all of the birthday love and bomb a** post you did for me!

"Sorry I couldn’t reply to all, I was trying something different this getaway.

"I put the phone down and lived."

In the photos, Porsha rocked a plunging leopard swimsuit as she struck different poses.

Another snap shows Porsha and Shamea posing on what looks like a party yacht.

While she took some time to celebrate her birthday, lately Porsha has been all about showing up to BLM protests, making her presence very well known.

This should come as no surprise as Porsha made it clear that she would be using her voice during these times.

She told a news crew: "With everything that’s going on, today I’m just like anybody else.

“I am here to be a voice for the voiceless. What’s going on in black America is not ok.

"We are not ok. We just want to live."

She added: “I’m out here today to make sure everybody knows that black lives matter, we want justice for George Floyd’s family."

Porsha, who shares a daughter with her fiancé Dennis McKinley, also visited What What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and opened up about racism she faced as a child.

She recalled attending a Civil Rights march when she was just six-years-old and being confronted by the KKK.

Porsha said: "We get out there and I’m excited — again, innocent, singing the songs, We Shall Overcome, etc. — and I was smacked in the face with racism.

"We came across the Ku Klux Klan, who decided they were going to protest our protest, and they threw rocks at us. I actually got hit with one."

She added: "I didn’t understand it so of course it was a conversation with my dad when I got home to let me know that some people do hate you, even though you may be trying to do a good thing."

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