Radio 2's Jo Whiley shaken after brutal street mugging where thug on bike stole her phone

RADIO 2 presenter Jo Whiley was left shaken after being mugged on the street and having her phone stolen.

The BBC star recalled the horrifying moment on Twitter – revealing her phone was "gone in seconds" after being snatched by a thug on a bike.

Taking to social media yesterday, Jo explained: "Just sharing this to help others avoid it happening to them.

"I was walking from Euston station in London to work yesterday afternoon – stood waiting to cross the road & texting my producer when a kid on a bike snatched my phone from my hand. Gone in seconds. Lesson learned."

She continued: "It seems to be a common occurrence in that area so just be on your guard. I certainly will be from now on.

"It’s a pretty horrible experience. To friends & colleagues – best way to contact me for the foreseeable is by Dms here or on Instagram."

Meanwhile, earlier today, Jo revealed she was still without her phone.

The 55-year-old shared: "Sorry to use Twitter for this but I’m still without phone & receiving no texts or emails. It’s kind of blissful but also not. Anyone who needs to contact me please DM me here or on Insta."

Fans rushed to show their support on the post, with one commenting: "Glad you’re OK. I guess when they do that the phone is unlocked too, which is a bit worrying. Hope all sorted and safe now."

A second wrote: "Sorry you experienced this Jo. I hope you're ok and not too shaken. Sending love."

A third added: "So sorry this happened to you, Jo. It must have been terrifying."

A fourth penned: "Glad you’re physically OK and top marks for sharing on here and warning others."

Back in 2018, Jo was named as Radio 2’s first female daytime presenter in 20 years.

At the time, her salary went on to match that of co-host Simon Mayo.

The 54-year-old has been a radio host since 1993.

In addition to her radio work, Jo is also an accomplished TV presenter and has covered major music festivals, including Glastonbury.

As for her personal life, the star married music executive Steve Morton in July 1991, a year after they first started dating.

The couple currently live in Northamptonshire with their four children.

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