Piers Morgan tells Charlotte Hawkins she wears dresses ‘way too tight for TV’

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan told Charlotte Hawkins her choice of attire was "way too tight to wear on tv",

The pair were joking around about Charlotte's stint on James Martin's show she explained that it was a lovely experience and that she got to "speak about her album".

When a very boastful Piers barged in explaining that the ratings for the cooking programme had dipped significantly when they established he wasn't going to be on it.

He said: "When they found out someone from GMB was going to be on the show, the ratings were sky high but when it was known that Hawkins would be on," he made a plummeting gesture before adding "they went down."

Before Charlotte even had an opportunity to interject Piers was off on a rant, seemingly the green eyed monster had got the better of him that he was asked onto to show.

Speaking about her appearance on James's show along with dipped viewings, he joked: "Hawkins came hopping on in something way too tight for TV."

Meanwhile, Charlotte sent the nation into a frenzy as she took centre stage to showcase some of her dancing skills.

The 45-year-old wowed the studio and viewers at home as she began to shake and shimmy to the GMB theme tune.

Piers who seemed to be enjoying his co-stars display added: "Go on go full throttle now. Eyes and teeth."

Charlotte was met with a huge roar and applause from crew and cast members as she later took to her seat on the show.

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